Sunday, May 30, 2010

"One for you! One for me!" a.k.a. Old Sturbridge Village part 3

Well, I've told you about our visit to the green and town proper of Old Sturbridge Village. I've, also shared, what we found when we went poking into the glass and armoury displays and the school house.

Let me tell you about the farm.

As we were wandering around, we all got separated into groups. (It's wonderful when the adults outnumber the kids.) There was lots of learning going on and we were kind of meandering in whatever direction took each of our fancies. (My dad drifted over to the historic snack bar and got historic cookies and historic Boston baked beans. Thanks, dad!)

We finally all wound up going past the tavern, through a bit of wooded area by a pond and down to the sawmill. There we found daddy giving David a complete and detailed rundown of how the machinery worked. David was fascinated. Guys are so amazing to me!

My feet were beginning to throb and I took a lovely rest on a bench, just outside. (Next to a tree whose trunk bark looked like smocking on a little girl's dress.)

I spied a path and thought that it would take me to the farmhouse. (I have a thing about paths ~ I love them ~ always have, always will!)

We "took the path less traveled".....

But, what is this I spy?

Ghosts from the past!

Two friendly farmers had just finished their plowing for the day.

They were very interesting to talk to, even though, I guess, they must be tired after a long day.

We learned things like:

Have you ever wondered where the bizarre measurements for an acre came from? I have! I can never remember the numbers involved. It is the measurement of approximately how big of a square can be reasonably plowed in a day.

The oxen, train every day for 4 years. When they are fully matured in their lessons, they will know 24 commands, like Gee (left); Haw (right); Headup (raise your head); Furrow (walk in the furrow) and more.

Yes, the plowing was done for the day and it was time to feed the animals.

We followed the farmers and the oxen up the path and came to the farmhouse.

Because it was the end of the day and most everyone else had left, it was basically just us and the "ghosts".

This pig greeted me and said, "here is my good side," stuck out her leg and posed for quite a while. I beg to differ! Oh, well!

The farmer's wife had just finished giving the rooster a good talking to (hands on hips!) and was surveying the orchard.

The rooster went into the hay loft to sulk!

"Go away! I'm not coming down! My feelings are hurt! No, there's nothing you can say...."

I went into the farmhouse.

The very pretty farmer's daughter was taking a quick rest. She had just finished baking a rhubarb pie.

    When we were in town, we had a chance to hear a wonderful story from a young man who was a colorful character.

     It involved him and his friend, Jim. Jim and him had been best friends ever since they could remember. Although, they were best friends, they always were a bit competitive. You see, Jim, always felt like he needed to have more than his friend. If he even thought that his friend had more than him, he'd be green jealous and need to outdo him. They were still best of friends, though, even with the competition. Some of their happiest times together revolved around their great love of potatoes. They would often spend an evening by the fire roasting them on sticks. Those were great times, so we were told!

     One night, a very dark night, these two friends, were coming home together and were passing by Farmer Bartlett's fields. That year, his potatoes were particularly huge, wonderful and abundant. It was, indeed, a bumper crop. Well, Jim and his friend thought that they would, well,..... that they could.............ease Farmer Bartlett's burden of work by helping him harvest some of his potatoes. Since it was such a dark night, they thought that they could do this good deed anonymously and give a quiet service to him. He would never know who had been so kind and helpful. After all, it's better to give than to receive and no thanks were needed by these two young saints. So, they loaded up they're pockets and stuffed potatoes down their shirts and put them under their hats, and, Jim, being a generous soul, stuffed his pants into his socks and loaded them up with potatoes, too.

     Off they hoofed it, not wanting the embarrassment of being thanked, and, when they got to the cemetery next to the church, they thought, "well! This is a great place to see just how many potatoes we were able to help Farmer Bartlett out with." They tried the gate but, lately, someone had been locking it; so, Jim and his friend put a foot into the grate and hopped on over. Jim, however, having his pants loaded, lost two of those potatoes when he jumped. His friend beckoned and insisted that he come and hide in the back of the cemetery. Well, he felt a sense of urgency to get out of sight (even though it was a dark night) but, still...... it was hard to leave those two potatoes behind. Jim was assured that they'd go and get them later. Then they decided to divide up the treasure. It had to be very fair and square and everything even. I mean, if Jim thought that his friend had more, there'd be some sorrow. So, the potatoes were clearly and laboriously divided by Jim. "One for you! One for me! One for you! One for me! One for you! One for me!" and so on.

     Coincidentally, as this dispersement was going on, Farmer Bartlett's son was returning home on foot from a very upright and righteous meeting that he had attended that night. As he passed by the graveyard he heard the voices, "One for you! One for me!" Well, if it hadn't been so dark you would have seen his face turn white as a ghost's! He gasped and ran full tilt all the way home. When he got there, he burst into the kitchen, all out of breath - completely gasping - he could barely get a word out! "Father! Father!....." gasp, gasp! "Spit it out, Son!" "Father, Father!....... I was passing by the church and I heard God and the Devil dividing up the souls in the graveyard!" Farmer Bartlett, being a settled and mature person, said, "now, just wait a minute! I'll go back with you and we'll get to the bottom of this!"

     Off they went to the graveyard. As they approached, Jim was about done finishing up the fair and equal division of Farmer Bartlett's potatoes. Sure enough, farmer Bartlett could hear, "One for you! One for me! One for you! One for me!" Farmer Bartlett just couldn't believe it. There, indeed, was God and the Devil dividing up the souls! Well, those two young rapscallion "helpers" were done with their counting and stuffed the divided potatoes back into their pockets, shirts, under their hats (and, Jim, his pants again). They were just deciding to take the short cut out the back of the cemetery and through the woods to their home but Jim was a little slow moving because of the potatoes in his pants. When Jim remembered the two potatoes, lying in the dark at the feet of Farmer Bartlett and his son near the gate, Farmer Bartlett and his son heard, who they thought was God, but, was really Jim, call out, "What about the two by the gate?!" His friend (the devil) replied, "Just scoop them up and we'll roast them in the fire back at my place!"

     To this day, Farmer Bartlett and his son are the most virtuous of souls and never, ever pass by the church and that graveyard at night!

The End!

(Thank you, Mr. Story Teller!)


Katy Noelle

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's just a "thing"!

I got something!

I love it when other bloggers share what they've found at the recent car boot or flea market or fair or, even, when they acquire something that they've dreamed of for forever. Now that it comes down to my turn, though, I feel a bit silly.

Well, I think that there's something fun about hearing what others have found - something really captivating and happy. Treasure comes in all types and forms.

Then, there's just something about


We adore the antique road shows and the articles in magazines about great finds and deals 


we, ourselves, also love to share about it!

The problem with me is that approximately, absolutely everything that I have is a find of some sort. I really have to resist, when friends come over, going through the litany of what incredible deals they all were or where I found them, high up in the back of the top shelf,... especially when someone admires something. Does anyone else have this trouble, I wonder? 

Well, there are some kindly admiring friends that I suppose I should just say, "thank you!" to and, others, who I can totally spill the beans. (I have one friend who will know where I got it, how much it cost and will have considered buying it herself. We have an unorganized trade off! If I can't afford it, chances are, I'll wind up finding it in her house and vice-versa.)

Well, a funny thing happened with last week's "Show and Tell Friday" at My Romantic Home. Our hostess, Cindy showed lovely pictures of little vignettes around her home. Just that morning, I had seen something so similar to what she had displayed and I kindly asked her to cross her fingers for me that somehow, someway I could wind up with it.

It worked!
(Thanks, Cindy!)


(My camera really is on it's last leg!)


 I've always wanted a chandelier but it's never been an affordable option or really made any sense with my decor, alas! When I saw this, I thought that it was a brilliant solution. I've just never seen anything like it before. Best of all, it's movable. How versatile is that?

It's Shanon Crystal (Ireland) but it's made in eastern Europe and the sale price was incredibly low!!!

I decided that I had to set a table and do another "Show and Tell Friday"!

 The trouble was, I like to actually use the tables that I set but what to eat..... It was so hot on this day that it set the all time record by 10 degrees. I, personally, wasn't very hungry.

The only thing that I could think of for a menu was ice cream and water; so, that's what we had!

 Anyway, this is Memorial Day weekend, which is the official start of summer for us here in Vermont.

What better way to celebrate than with Gifford's black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream!!!




 I got this Ralph Lauren fabric for $3.00 a yard, too. Fun, fun, fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, happy Memorial Day and happy summer to you all!

Well, now, here is the link to Cindy's post from last week



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'll share the real deal with you.

At the end of the day, it's just a thing. "Things" don't feed our souls. BUT, it sure is fun to make things beautiful!



Katy Noelle

Monday, May 24, 2010

An Americana Visual Feast (Old Sturbridge Village part 2)

When we went to Old Sturbridge Village (a living museum), last week, I was definitely on the tired side and didn't have much of an ability for conversation (if you can believe that). I've been multiple times before; so, I just enjoyed the visual feast. This time around, I particularly enjoyed the house full of antique glass. There was everything from medicine bottles to salt dishes to knobs on display.

Here, "taste" this.....








By the way, please, does anyone know the name of this bush? I want one!


Remember, my camera was (and still is) being very uncooperative? If you zoom in, you'll be able to see these flowers a bit better.


The boys and I, also, had fun in the "armory".



     Strangely, our whole family are fans of "Master and Commander". My husband, dad and I have read all twenty books and, all of us love the movie. (We cover the boys' eyes at a few parts.) The strange part is, that the English were the "enemy" for us Americans. Confiscating our goods and people and pressing them to their own use wasn't so very nice of those British! Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin and the  HMS Surprise (HMS= His Majesty's Ship)  are our heroes, though. It's brought up some wonderful discussions about how everyone thinks that their side is the right side in a war.


The school house.


It brought out what I know to be my sons' true natures...

One is silly and lazy! (Tsk! Sleeping in class! Actually, this son's problem is always reading in class!)


One son is defiant and definitely a back row kind of kid. (But, handsome as the devil - Uh, oh!)

Take off that hat!


And, my youngest son is an angel! (Thank you, God!)

Yes! It was a gorgeously homemade, hand spun, family kind of day!


I still have just a few more wonderful photos of the farm to share with you sometime next week, if I may. I have a pretty darn funny story to share with it, too! (Maybe, I'll talk about something else for a little bit, first ~ maybe, we'll see how it goes ~ gardening season for us Vermonters is finally beginning.)

Till next time,

Katy Noelle