Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!

(aka Mr. Toad)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Sharing a Meal

I am always filled with admiration for those of you who, not only have wonderful adventures, but have the time after it all to blog about it. At the moment, I'm caught in an avalanche of exciting things that I want to share and it's those very things making me too busy to have the moment to settle down to put the posts together. Life is just too ridiculously good! Anyway, my parents were out for three weeks and we had adventures galore. Then, the moment they left, it was out to tend the garden..... and, well, I've hardly come indoors, since. I can't wait to share about the beautiful orchid that I bought myself as an early birthday present and the air plant (it's the most curious thing). There have been dinner parties - museums and art centers - roses blooming - visits to the nurseries for plants - inspiration - Oh, just lots of shtuff going on!

Well, today, finally, I wanted to share what happened on Mother's day (yes, three weeks ago...)

My darling sister and I have figured out a beautiful thing! She cooks the gourmet meal and I set the table and clean the house. It's very fun entertaining but with half the work. Clever, eh? =D

There she is.....

On the menu was:

~ amuse bouche: herbed goat cheese in a rosemary, cracker crumb crust and fig jam.

~ spring greens with a lemon and honey vinaigrette with grilled salmon, orange slices and almond slivers that were roasted in a truffle oil and seasoned with chipotle.

~ crepes filled with sauteed spinach and mushrooms with a mornay sauce.

~ we cleansed our palates with lemon sorbet.

~ Rib eye (that had been cooked the French way ;-) - wrapped in bacon) with a Madeira reduction with glazed carrots (heaven!!!) and whipped potato.

and for dessert....

~ tranchetto

I had had the idea to use lots of crystal and glass on the table with some soft and simple flowers and, well, ..... I kind of got carried away. We dined in a sparkling forest of crystal. It shimmered in the afternoon sun and came alive with the candlelight, as dusk fell.

Then, on my parents last evening here, we were discussing having fish with an herb butter for their last meal, when my sister remembered.... she forgot the tarragon and parsley butter on the meat - gasp and drat!!!  It was a quietly muted and rainy evening - we lit the candles again - half of us had fish and the other half, rib eye, again. Two wonderfully wonderful and leisurely dinners that included lots of laughter and extremely pleasant conversation.

It's a wonderful thing to share a meal together!