Monday, October 31, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...


It's beginning to look a lot like....




It's true!

Mother Nature has been playing all sorts of tricks and giving us all sorts of treats, this year.

It looks an awful lot like winter and Christmas to me!

(My husband said, "what do you mean it's like winter? It IS winter!" For the moment, anyway.)

Thursday night (October 27th, no less), at deep dusk, this is what we saw happening

Friday morning (October 28th, if you can believe it), this is what we woke up to.

I mean,....we don't live in Saskatchewan or anything!

Well! Friday morning, we woke up to a world of whitish-blue tinted light coming through the predawn windows. It was chilly and we had a fire going - quietly crackling - in the wood stove in our family room. We were going through our ritual stumblingly tired, it's-too-dark-and-cold, rush-to-get-ready-for-school routine. As we bustled around in the rooms that had the yellow and glowing lights on (eating oatmeal, checking backpacks, taking vitamins, brushing teeth), I went into the quiet and darkly empty family room and saw the small figure of my youngest son - perfectly still - blackly silhouetted against the large, snow vistaed, barely light, bay window - one shoe tucked in his right arm and the other sneaker dangling from its lace from his other hand.

"Toby? Toby! Toooooby!"

No, response.

"Toby?! Good morning!"

and the small, hollow voice responded,

"what about Halloween???"

Indeed! What about summer??? We've only had a few light frosts (unusually warm for this time of year) and my garden was still blooming!

Yet, Saturday night, it happened again!!!

(Five inches, this time. I didn't even take pictures Sunday morning - it looks, simply, all too familiar.)

Yet, still....
look what I saw on my walk down the lane, that Friday morning!

 It's so beautiful and it's even melting but...

What does it look like to you?

Caught in the conundrum of being in two (or three) seasons all at once, I will be attempting to put my previously planned Halloween post up on my photo blog, later. In the meantime, one storm trooper, one zombie, and one grim reaper will be putting on long johns and extra layers, tonight, that's for certain! ;-)