Tuesday, February 24, 2015

garden in review

Oh! Hahahahahaaa! Just kidding! There is no 'garden in review' from this past year because... well, last year, I hardly had a chance to garden. Weeds ran amok, sensitive plants seem to have disappeared and, yet.... and, yet....

When we lived in the parsonage, in town, I had a lovely little kitchen garden directly out the kitchen door. As I cooked, baked, simmered, stewed away, if I needed herbs - pop! Out the screen door I'd leap and, kapwing! I'd be right back in adding it to whatever was steaming away on the stove. If I needed tomatoes or cucumbers or salad or, even, a small bouquet for the table, I could just zip right out to those two long raised beds and be back in with the ingredients as quick as a wink. Then, we moved up here, on the hill, and didn't have any garden - let alone any fresh produce - and, to be honest, I considered raiding a 'certain neighbor that I know of's' garden more than once. I was that desperate for a REAL tomato and fresh veg! (yes! I know about those farmer's markets in town but.... no vehicle, alas, and... I'm talkin' about needin' a garden of one's own, here!!!)

Finally! The moment came (to cut a long story short) and, just before the infamous operation, my husband was able to build a lovely little plot with raised beds!! I bought my seeds and hopped to it! Never mind that it was 'too late' to plant seeds!! (and too hot that day to be doing anything, really!) I planted them!!! and, then, went under.... I don't remember much more from the summer. I kind of think I really woke up in September and lo & behold..... I had a GARDEN!!! (Sort of.) In all of the chaos of my other beds (and my house, too), I had one little corner of my world that was blooming and fruitful and beautiful. Okay! So, I never staked the tomatoes and I thinned the carrots too late... it didn't matter. It was weeded and lush and.... a lovely kitchen garden!

As for the rest? Well, there were some very pretty surprises because I didn't weed - a few things reappeared that I thought had gone forever. Our compost pile spit out a couple of cute pumpkins and, now, winter is giving me a lovely restart button. Time for fresh dreams and plans!