Saturday, March 5, 2011

 It's March again, which means that many, many Blogging friends will be posting photos of snowdrops and crocuses and the world being made new. Here in Vermont, however, the snow is still deep and crisp.

I do long for the heady smell of mud!

The light IS coming back to us, though. When we wake up, it's no longer dark. The light is washing over the meadow and beaming through the windows. It's the time of year that I forget to make dinner early enough because I just cannot believe that it's still light out.

You may have noticed that I said the snow was "deep and crisp" but it is not even. Everywhere we go, there are huge (one story high, in some places) piles of snow from the plows clearing space, all winter.

The boys have commandeered one of the mountains in our yard and have been digging a huge cave/snow fort out of the icy pile. They've been running out there, as soon as they get home from school, all week long.

When Toby (my youngest) came in, the other day, from his Eskimo adventure, he cuddled up on to my lap. Of course, I buried my face in his hair and gave him a big kiss and he smelled like.....spring! It was this indescribable scent - possibly of water - definitely of freshness!

I said to him, "you smell like spring!"

He said, "thanks, Mom! You smell like tea!"

Love to your home from ours,

Katy Noelle