Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tragedy in the kitchen

When we finally knew for sure that we would be moving from our small Victorian house in town to our home, up here, on the hill, I quickly pulled together one last tea party for memories' sake. And, it is a lovely memory - six of us ladies laughing our heads off at stories of rooster antics. It all started when I asked what I should know about living out in the country instead of in the village. "Ants and mice are a problem and the sound of the crickets in late summer is deafening."

I just very recently spent the day cleaning out my baking cupboard from one mouse who was living the high life. I found, to my surprise,  the bottom plastic of an 8 oz. tube of frosting chewed to bits and the entire contents, not only devoured, but, the inside completely licked clean. Talk about a last meal!

"Well, I suppose in the end it was a romantic way to perish, for a mouse."  


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out like an.....ummm.....a!

Alrighty, firstly, if you please, click on this and, at the end, you can tell me if this doesn't sound just like spring bird song? =]

(It goes with the post....=])


While many of you are posting about your brightly colorful spring gardens, here in Vermont, we're only just enjoying the blustery beginnings of spring. A sudden burst of summery weather in March absolutely annihilated the snow and sprung us into the growing season quite suddenly. Indeed, in March, while everyone was reminding each other that, "ayuh! For sure we could still get three feet of snow in April," we were, in fact, enjoying green grass, growing gardens and eighty-plus degree weather.  (That's twenty seven-plus for you Celsius people.) In short, summer!

It's been absolutely wonderful!

However, as March left us, so did the hot weather, but there's not been an April Shower to be had, this month! Instead, for weeks, now, it's been absolutely blustering wind! It's green and beginning, though, with lovely cool temperatures.

I love Spring! So light and bright! Such a time of new beginning, indeed! I never quite understood it when I lived in ever-sunny California. It's such an indescribable joy after the cold and dark winter. No wonder there's so much poetry written about it - honestly!

With the still slightly chilly and brisk weather, we've been outside soaking in the sun and, then, running back inside to warm up our toes, stiff fingers and nipped noses. I've been having incredible fun cooking seasonal and warming foods and playing at being a food photographer (but that's a story for another post. ;-)) All the while, I've been listening to sparkling, intimate chamber music - especially Mozart - and we've simply been enjoying day after quiet day of clear blue skies and something new and delicately growing, every time we look. All the while, that wind puffs and pushes and blows and blusters and howls around us - roaring like a lion down the hill.

Remember? This is just the end of February....

Then, the beginning of March and considering cleaning up the garden detritus.... (isn't it pretty, still, though? =])

Then, what a surprise! I completely don't remember planting crocus!

Two constant gardening friends... very curious!


and, this CD contains two of the most achingly, gorgeously, exquisitely played chords ever expressed! Thank you, Mr. Barenboim forever and ever for giving them to us!!!

In the meantime, I just know that the gentle lamb of spring is right around the corner, somewhere, here! But, there's no rush! We love you spring - stay and rest awhile!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A morning like this!

Well, here it is....Easter Morning! and, oddly enough, I have extra time before church. Tom is the intrepid one who gets up early and goes to the sunrise service. It's ecumenical and the pastors in town take turns officiating and preaching. It was a bit overcast but not snowing - not too cold - and there's green grass for, possibly, the first time ever. Tom reports that the Canada Geese did their annual celebratory flyby and everything was joyous.

Then, the boys donned their dress shirts and ties. Always, always, always their shirts and pants are too short (no matter what size it says on the tag) and we end up impersonating Tabitha Twitchett and Tom Kitten trying to get them dressed in their best - "My! I had not realized how much you've grown!" and, "Mom, I can't breathe!" and bursting buttons off, etc., etc. One of these years, we'll try our clothes on early....

Now, the boys are at Easter breakfast at church. I pass on these two functions for priorities' sake, saving my energy for the big church service and ham dinner and Easter egg hunt and fun visiting with all the family.

So, in the sweet Easter morning quiet, as I do every year, now, I am sniffling with emotion as I listen to my very favorite Easter song and I thought that I might just share it with you. It's all about joyful love! =D

(er,'s such a visual song on it's own - I recommend looking away and simply listening if you're so inclined...)

I'm wishing you a beautiful and joyous Easter, too!!!