Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinner at Suzy's

Mr. Tom and I got to go to a little dinner party that my sister hosted, in her garden.

Lucky us!!!

She's a wonderful hostess and spoils us royally.

We had artichoke and tomato bread puffs for a starter.

Then, she lavished us with a selection of gourmet cheeses from the new wine and cheese shop in town.

Then, for the main course, we had:

~ roast chicken with bread, plum and herb stuffing and a white wine gravy.
~ roasted rosemary new potatoes.
~ string beans from her garden
~ salad with blueberries and goat cheese with a poppy seed dressing.

It was simple and wonderfully flavorful goodness! All this to the enveloping sound of the crickets.

(I do love those crickets!!!)

Then, it started to rain and we moved inside.

Inside, where we had chocolate raspberry coffee and panna cotta with blueberries and strawberries.

The sights and sounds were soft and gentle and, oh, so pleasant. They still fill my mind - even now.

Thank you, Suzy!

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P.S. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words in regards to my new blog, Katy Noelle's Photo Journal. I was so nervous to let anyone even know about it. I needed the encouragement of my friends and I got it! I am so grateful.

Love, Me xxo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy girl that I am....

(Hmmm, I know I've seen this photo somewhere before!)

Craaaaaaazy girl that I am, I have started another blog.

It is a simple one.
It's name is:

and, that's exactly what it is.

I am a little shy mentioning it but it is a place to be free and not really care what others think. Ahhhhhhh! Pleasant thought - that is!


if you're interested....

that's what's up.


Katy Noelle

Saturday, August 21, 2010

There's always time...

Yesterday, as I was browsing through one of my all time favorite interior decorating books -  the Laura Ashley Guide to Country Decorating - I read:

Flowers for all Seasons
The fewer preconceptions you have about how to put things together the better, if you are aiming for a natural country look. Traditionally, country arrangements were composed of flowers found wild or carefully cultivated in a precious patch of garden created specially for the purpose. So it is still. And, no matter how busy your life, there should always be time to pick a handful of whatever flower is in perfect bloom to put into the nearest jug and proudly display on kitchen tables, windowsills or church altars.
(My italics added.)

Alrighty, then!

 Goodness! I haven't picked flowers for a bouquet in "donkey's years." As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time....

 Actually, do you see the pretty, fuzzy, glowing grasses in the upper left hand corner of the picture above? I just bought those for my garden. I did pause and wonder if I was a lunatic for buying a grass when I do have, at least, five acres of it in the meadow out my back door. Am I a lunatic??? Anyway, I'm positive that we don't have this one. Look at how beautiful it is! (I wonder if it will go to seed all over my garden. Well, ironically, most of my perennial grasses usually die - I'm not too worried.) The point being, I am enamoured with it!

Goodness! They're right! No matter how busy life gets, I shouldn't forget to make time for a bouquet. It has brought me joy!

Love, Katy Noelle

P.S. I want to make sure that you didn't miss my last post because there is an invitation, of sorts, in it. Thank you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Again

I have been trying to convince myself that we still have a good week's worth of summer left and that I might as well not be sad until the time actually comes for school to start and our carefree existence to end. I can no longer fool myself, however. The time has come to prepare.

I have laundry and clothes, new shoes and haircuts, pencils and paper, organization stations, clean rooms and fresh starts, sack lunches and oatmeal breakfasts running through my mind. Honestly, this year, my heart is aching. I needed more summer.

This photo is a representation of my life.

Do you notice how it appears that one clock is off. Well, in truth, both clocks have stopped. They are totally uncoordinated and not working. One stands for the summer that has passed in such a queer and quick way, this year, and the other is me. sigh.


On the other hand, I have very happy homey thoughts running through my mind.

This is not my home but, the other day, when the clouds were dark and I was driving by, there were warm lights shining through the dark windows. It was so welcoming and cozy and sheltering. Maybe it's not so bad to be settled back in to a routine and tied to home. Anyway, there are always still some little Autumn jaunts that are full of adventure. Hmm, I guess that our lives aren't over.

Also, I gather from your comments that September is many of your favorite time of year. I know that it is mine. It's so quiet and reflective. The kids are back in school and the tourists have gone home and the weather is splendidly mild.

It will be just me and the crickets in a couple of weeks.

Also, our nights are getting chillier and I love the warm kitchen and the smell of Tom's coffee in the morning.

Well, this lovely home made me remember and feel all of this. It, also, snapped me into Faure, Ravel and Debussy mode and made me think of the poetry to one of my favorite "chansons".

Au bord de l'eau
S'asseoir tous deux au bord du glot qui passe,
Le voir passer;
Tous deux s'il glisse un nuage en l'espace,
Le voir glisser;
A l'horizon s'il fume un toit de chaume,
Le voir fumer;
Aux alentours, si quelque fleur embaume,
S'en embaumer;
Entendre au pied du saule ou l'eau murmure,
L'eau murmurer,
Ne pas sentir tant que ce reve dure
Le temps durer,
Mais n'apportant de passion profonde
Qu'a s'adorer,
Sans nul souci des querelles du monde,
Les ignorer,
Et seuls tous deux devant tout ce qui lasse,
Sans se lasser;
Sentir l'amour devant tout ce qui passe,
Ne point passer!

~Sully Prudhomme

Beside the waters
To sit together on the bank of the stream that passes,
To see it pass;
Together, when a cloud floats in space,
To see it float;
When a cottage chimney is smoking on the horizon,
To see it smoke;
If nearby a flower spreads its fragrance,
To absorb its scent;
To hear at the foot of the willow, where water murmurs,
The water murmur,
Not to notice, while this dream lasts,
The passage of time,
But to feel deep passion
Only to adore each other;
Not to care at all about the world's quarrels,
To ignore them,
And alone, together, facing all that grows weary,
Not to grow weary;
To be in love while all passes away,
Never to change!

~ Sully Prudhomme

I am soothed and feel much better, now!

Also, I have noticed something lovely. I am over 100 followers.

This calls for a celebration and, when everyone is back (in September), I will have a little party. It will be hobbit fashion and I will give a gift. Please, make sure that you don't miss it!

In the meantime, I would like to thank you all so very sincerely for your comments and responses to my posts. They, truly, mean an awful lot to me!

Yes, home is wonderful! I will be content.


Katy Noelle xo

Sunday, August 15, 2010


 1. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.
2. Highly refined; delicate.

From the free online dictionary

One foggy, dewy morning.....

If you look closer and, then, closer again, you will be able to see the dew like diamonds!

Wishing you the same beauty in your life!

Katy Noelle

The Sunday Creative