Monday, July 26, 2010

The summer has turned.

It is stretching towards late summer.

I am in such a mood. I don't know if I could even quite explain it.

I feel like we have begun the most elegant time of the year.

This is my most favorite season ~ it really doesn't have a name; although, "time to make a pie" is usually what comes out of my mouth,..... around this time of year.

I think that we've finally shed the anxious rush and fret of the school year.  We've quietened down. The violin songs of the crickets are contemplative but there is still time left ~ and light and warmth ~ for an adventure or two. Yet, home feels safe and cozy.

Perhaps it is the slant of the light and the fact that the sunlight is waning in strength - mellowing, yet, still strong. The brazen heat seems to have lessened. Summer is still, here, but she seems to have shed her glaring gaudiness - not being afraid of what we will think of her anymore. She's grown older - much more comfortable.

I am craving soft paisleys and thinking of elegant grays ~ mushrooms and ferns ~ eating outdoors in the soft glow of evening with candlelight ~ soft fluffy pillows to sink into with a good summer read ~ moths ~ luminous hollyhocks ~ wispy daydreaming.

Pottery Barn has read my mind perfectly! When I received their catalog, I shivered and sighed and settled down to a lovely reverie.

Come to think of it, one of my favorite issues of the "old Victoria" was the August 2001 issue. They knew exactly what I'm talking about! Just look.....

Photograph by Colleen Duffley

"The flood of summer light had begun to ebb. The air had grown mellow, the shadows were long upon the smooth, dense turf."

~ Henry James

 I am sure that we will have more hot and steamy summer weather. Still, the days are perceptibly shorter and, still, it doesn't change the fact that summer is waning and ever so lovely!


Katy Noelle

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rose Arbour Tea Room

I had told you, last week, about a wonderful shipment of goodies that my sister got into Rose Arbour - my families' tea room, gift shop and B&B, in Chester, Vermont. I got to go and play store for a day or two and wanted to share what filled my dreams for several days after.


come on in......

As you enter, you'll hear music.....

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I don't have many words, today. Why don't you just have a look around. I hope that you have as pleasant a time as I have had!

Oh, and we happen to serve a desperately good scone.

Rose Arbour is so fun because it's a blend of Victorian and earthy french and lots and lots of whimsy.

I think one of the most exciting things is that my sister discovered a hidden treasure trove of Fortnum and Mason's tea. It's been 5 whole years since we've been able to get any! 'Queen Anne tea' is like a happy heaven! Absolutely delish!

What is your favorite treasure piece? I came home with a cloche!

Have a lovely weekend!


Katy Noelle xxo

{{Tea and Scones Vermont}}  - Rose Arbour's blog.


Thank you, Cindy, for hosting this well loved event!

I will, also, be participating in Mary's Mosaic Monday
at "Little Red House". This is a link to this past weeks gathering. She featured some gorgeous photos of barns. It makes me feel very, very humble, indeed.