Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Irises and potato guns

 Lliam - 3:50:59  Showing mom the potato gun that he'd spent the afternoon making with dad and partner for science project on trajectory. (Who IS that 'Rambo' of a kid? I don't even recognize him.)


Lliam - 3:51:15 (16 seconds later)   After discovery that fumes from the not quite dried, yet, glue can make said potato gun go off like a cannon. (Notice absence of little brother and chicken who split when they heard the kaboom.)

If I were a real photo journalist, I would have caught the mayhem in between but, alas, I'm simply a laughing mother.....

Yup, I know that kid, after all!

Then, I went back to contemplating the huge swath of much anticipated blue iris that are, finally, blooming in this second year of my replanted-garden-that-was-moved-from-the-parsonage. They didn't do much, last year, but grow and spread.

...and, it turns out.... they're yellow.

but, some of them are blue...


(Please excuse the mess, I've weeded but can't find the rake or the broom.)


I bought some yellow irises ten years ago but I thought they were extinct....

Yes! I definitely recognize this family, now.

I wonder if that black iris that I thought had dwindled out is around here, somewhere....

note: Tom has found the rake! I repeat! Tom has found the rake! He said that we just needed to think like a young teen boy. He said that I need to ask the question, "if I was a young teen boy using a rake, what would I do with it when I was done with it?" His answer: I would fling it and leave it. Last job was spring lawn clean up with the little tractor and trailer. It got flung in the trailer and, then, when they needed the trailer for something else, they flung it out on the far side of the shed where the tractor gets parked and, then, they completely forgot it ever even existed! (Hence, the very genuine blank looks when I asked if they knew where any of the rakes were. "Rake? What rake? We have a rake? What's a rake?")