Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth Of July

Every year, I post about last year's Fourth of July; so, here is this year's offering. And what to say about it? I think that it was hot and humid and we ate late and, then, all of the men got to go and see the fireworks up close and personal and through some tragic, exhausted miscommunication, I got left behind.... I heard they were seriously epic, too!! But.... that's not very cheery! Hmmm... How about if I tell you that I can still remember how cold and sweet those cherries were?! (No joke!) That's a definitely happy thought! Oh! And that fourth boy, there, is cousin Billy. He just moved to Oregon. Now, I'm going to go cry - we love cousin Billy!!! The truth is that, at the moment, it is very hot and humid. The thunderstorms and rain have just started coming through and the cool breeze is swirling around my fevered temples and will soon soak soothingly into my fuzzy brain. That reminds me - I need ice cream! Brain freeze is definitely a happy thought! Ahhhh!


Happy summer thoughts to you and a happy Independence Day to my friends, here, in the US! May all of your potato salads be creamy and may the watermelon be so sweet and juicy that it drips down your arm!