Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Invitation

Dearest Friends,

this post is both an apology and an invitation.

I do remember that I invited you to a Blog "party" to celebrate my 100th follower (according to the "friend connect" mosaic). I said that you should look for this party in September but then, alas, life got a little sticky. Life is not bad - just sticky tricky - and here it is, October already. Please, please forgive me!

This post, then, is to tell you that I have not forgotten and that my next post (which I hope will be in about a week) will be a proper blog party (with a giveaway, no less). Also, quite coincidentally, I see that it will also be my 100th post. Life IS a curious thing, isn't it.

In the meantime, we are celebrating my sister's birthday, finishing planting the garden, gaping at glorious autumn leaves, blue sky and sunshine, doing our homework and enjoying the fact that my parents are visiting.


Well, I hope that either, your life is calmly serene or that you have as much rambunctious fun as we seem to be having!

Love, Katy