Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Price of Sugar!

In the next month I will:

~ Celebrate the baptisms of my two oldest boys.

~ Celebrate my mom's, my husband's and my middle son's birthdays.

~ spring clean up my garden!
(Just so there's no confusion after my last post, the snow has just barely melted off and there are only a few shoots from bulbs poking up so far - it is a MESS!)

~ Cut all three of my sons' hair and get out the summer clothes because...

~ I will be spending ten days with the family in California - back home where I grew up!

So, I will be...

~ going sailing a lot, spending time at favorite museums (J.Paul Getty), going to Disneyland =D, wandering down garden paths and visiting with my dear, precious best friends out there!!! xo =)

~ I will, also, be forging ahead with photographic assignments and goals.

~  and, oh boy! Speaking of forging ahead... we have to keep moving along with serious house renovations that we're in the middle of because there's a time sensitive issue involved.


~ and I will be singing the soprano solo in the Mozart Requiem!
(~ and trying to lose five pounds for it all - just cuz! Does anyone have a long black gown that I can borrow?)

~ I know there's something I've forgotten.

oh, yeah!

~ Preparing for a show of my photography at our little local library in June. I think that my theme will be, 'in the garden!' ;-)
(Where do I even start? Need to choose images, buy mats and find frames, get things printed up! but, perhaps, that will happen NEXT month.)


I am drowning in good things!

and what do these images have to do with the price of sugar?

Nothing that I can see.



P.S.  The little heart pin cushion in the first image was made with all vintage and antique items. It's just one of those fun, sweet things that I have that brings me joy! =)