Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth

I didn't have a chance, last year, to blog about our Fourth of July celebrations, up here on our hill. They were very homemade - a pleasant, warm summer's day.

My niece made a Fourth of July cake

and, then, after the traditional barbeque dinner, we went down to the small pond (spring fed = great, cool, fresh swimming!) that is down behind our barns for some fireworks and some s'mores and some mellow hanging out around the fire 'pit'.

I took my camera but no tripod - no pressure - no 'serious' attempts at photography - just fun

and look at what we came up with.... =D

The setting.....

 What happens when too many mosquitoes land on one's hand at once. (Kind of cool, though! ;-))

Lighting the sparklers!

 Wand wars! "Expelliarmus!"


 and something magical passing by....

and, whatever it is, it circled back 'round for another marshmallow!

Silliness and fun - all of it!

I hope that your Fourth of July (whether you're celebrating or not) is just as wonderful!