Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter into Spring

When I first moved to Vermont I felt frustrated because everyone always would talk about the weather. At first I thought that it was a tough reserve but then, as I lived here longer, I realized that Vermonters talk about the weather so much because there's so much weather to talk about. There's a saying here that if you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes. Our monster snow storm of last week turned into another day of rain and several days of warmth. 

It's possible that we won't see the ground until April but, at the moment, it's promising an early spring. Whatever happens, I'm enjoying where I'm at very much.

Here are a few things that brightened my day on Saturday:

The light, now strong enough, catching the bottles on top of our kitchen dresser.

The date set for my annual ladies' tea - March 20th. Pretty paper to put the invitations on.

A hot cup of tea for while I work.

I had an idea for what to do for floral arrangements on the tables. I will probably have somewhere between 25 to 50 women and the cost, even though I absolutely love to buy armloads of flowers for bouquets, can be a bit formidable.

I am going to plant wheatgrass in these depression glasses that I have. Then, on the day, making sure that the soil is well watered, I will put small stems of spring flowers, like rununculas or forsythia or something bright and spring like, in the grass.

I was preparing to get started and was snapping these photos, when I glanced out the window. What a sight I saw!

Fog is something that we mostly see in the spring and the fall. It's one of my very favorite things about living here near the pond. I love fog!

It was gloriously beautiful. My poor hot cup of tea was abandoned as was my project. Then as I took my eyes off of the pond and looked down, I saw another truly happy sight. A muddy road! I think that I might be unique in this but I think muddy roads are very pretty. The puddles of water are pink shimmering mirrors.

Even though Mom's apple tree met with disaster last winter it seems to be resurrected. Talk about new life.

There are not only beautiful scenes but refreshing sounds also; like the sound of running water in the brook. Thaw!

I keep meaning to mention that it's not only the robins who are back. There are also morning doves and yellow finches and sparrows. The coo of a morning dove equals peacefulness.

Well, the informal tea that the boys and I had planned kept getting postponed. I haven't been able to get them inside to have a cozy tea or even to finish cleaning their room.

I came inside and put in some music. I've discovered something, '20s, '30s and '40s ballads are extremely uplifting.

Here's a sample of what I was listening to. I wonder if it will make you feel as comfy, homey and cheery as it did me. 

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I discovered that I wasn't alone in the house.

Lliam had snuck back in and was continuing Flopsy bun's reading lessons.

The dark finally drove everyone in and I got a Grandma in the bargain to boot!

And a fresh hot cup of tea ...


Love to you,

Katy Noelle x


  1. What a lovely post, Katy. You've inspired me to make a Tea Room Mix #2. Think everyone need a little more Fred Astaire in their life.

  2. A lovely read Katy and some fab photos. I just love your beautiful cup decorated with a pheasant(or maybe a peacock?)!

    Your plans for Ladies Day sound great Katy - I really like your idea for the table centrepieces.

    Jeanne x

  3. Katy, I want to thank you for visiting my Blog. I am so glad to have found a friend who also loves the fog and muddy roads! xx

  4. I share your enjoyment of tea on cold winter days. (Hopefully soon ending.) What wonderful photography.


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