Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hens In Hell

     We moved to the beautiful spot that we live in one and a half years ago. Last Spring, finally having the barn space, we invested in 12 Rhode Island Red chicks. They've had a beautiful life so far. Well, at least every thing was sunny and rosy for them until our first snow struck. Our sweet little dinosaurs have been letting Farmer Tom know just how discontented they are to be cooped up like this. It isn't entirely his fault that they're stuck inside though! They are completely freaked out by the snow. (You should have heard the ruckus they made the first time the snow fell off the roof! The sky is falling!!!) Tom's tried to lure them out with scratch (yum!) but they just look at him from the door or stare wistfully out of the window. Finally, I think they've had enough and, today, being tempted with some apples and toast, ventured forth.

Here they come!

FOOD, Squawk!

Our very shabby chic barn

"I told you, Henrietta, to wear your long johns ..."

     Well! The most curious thing has been happening the past few nights. Strange cars have been pulling all the way up into our driveway at all hours of the night. After about the fourth invasion, we realized that all of our neighbors are concerned about the red glow that has suddenly started emanating from our barn. Is it a

 What are those hens doing? Wild disco party????

Of all the silly things, Tom just changed the heat lamp bulb to a low light red so that the girls can sleep at night. Mystery solved! (but, I don't think that we'll be wandering around in our PJs for a while!)


Katy Noelle



  1. Fantastic chicken house katy! would love to have one that size, your hens all look so healthy too, I have a constant battle with leg mites with my bunch..vaseline is meant to do the job but crikey has you ever tried putting patroleum jelly on chickens legs? urgh!
    and it really does look fire with that light on..nice you have such concerned neighbours. x

  2. Hello Katy and thanks for visiting my blog. Our chickens hated the snow too; hunger drove them outdoors eventually. off for a look round your blog now x

  3. You have beautiful photos, Katy Noelle! I am reading through your archives and have found lots of beauty. This post is one example! Are you Golden Retriever breeders? (I may find the answer myself as I look further into the archives...I began with January...)


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