Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy Beavers (otherwise entitled, "Hop to it!")

(Does anyone else drool over fabric? Patterns and colors just make my heart go skippity skip! Anyway ...)

My theory is that we're all so busy in the months leading up to Christmas that by the time it's all over, we're a little disoriented about what we're up to. A lot of us find that January is a lumbering start to the new year and that we're all rather dreamy about what we want to do next. Well, now that January is over and February is here, I'm feeling that I'd better hop to it - whatever IT is! Trouble is, I have a load of super fun and highly absorbing projects that I want to jump into (as well as continuing to blog - I'm having SO much fun!)

Well, here are a few schemes that I've been cooking up this past month:

Before the holidays hit, I had been sewing up a storm. Necessity demanded eventually, however, that I clear off the dining room table. I just wasn't quite done and things are kind of hanging on the last few bits getting sewn up before I can put it all together. Our family room is going to have an amazingly rapid and magical do-over when I finally finish. The best part is that it will all be done with a "few" snips of fabric.

By the way, do you notice the green pot behind the pillows on the window sill? I have three that are waiting for me to get cuttings from my sister's very pretty pink geraniums.

adore this fabric. I just thought that it was missing little chinamen in silk jammies until I found out that the name of the pattern is "Geisha". Er, oops, maybe not! That doesn't change my feelings for it though.

This is some fabric that I found on sale and from which I intend to make very simple valances for my bedroom windows.

The possibilities ... ! I think that this old tool box needs to be filled with herbs! I need to order seeds. Our growing season is so short that it pays to get moving early. (More on my "garden" at a later date.)

I have new music - oh joy! Bach, Brahms and Poulenc! This may not mean much to you but, believe you me, it's music to make your heart soar.

I'm going to finish unpacking and organizing my books. It will be like meeting dear old friends, n'est ce pas? Let's see ... gardening, interior decorating, classics, sea faring, children's books, Christmas, poetry ... I'll need a cup of tea and lots of time to fuddle.

I'm going to paint my kitchen - samovar silver (silver/gray/blue). The kitchen was a bad '70s makeover and needs some serious TLC. Tom, however, has been dreaming of a new roof; so, as I wait, I think that a coat of paint will add some pleasant character and spark to this drab room. The color is just a couple of steps up on the paint card from what's in my bathroom (below)

I also have some chalkboard paint and magnetic primer and a can of seashell white for the family room. Oh, I think that I'll throw in an afternoon tea for the ladies of our church, say in March and don't forget Valentine's and St Patrick's day!

The very best project I'm saving as a surprise. You will be so impressed, I know it!

The living room is almost done. (It's one of those move-the-furniture-and-vacuum-under deals.) This candle was so pretty lit up by the sun, I thought I'd share it with you.

Well, That's what is on my mind. Even if I get one of these things done, I'll be happy indeed, but I suspect that I am going to be one busy beaver!


Katy Noelle

P.S. Tom protests that he's not dreaming of a new roof, he's losing sleep over the old one.


  1. hello Katy. A lovely, lovely post with fabric and cuttings and makeovers - so many of my favourite things. beautiful fabrics they are too. Thank you for your lovely comments today and I will be back! xx

  2. Fabric! I have spent too large a proportion of my evening perusing fabric sites online after have spent just a little while in an actual fabric shop earlier today! Addiction?...I think so! Love your blog! Cx

  3. Hello Katy, I've just popped over from Pipany's - you have such a lovely blog here and I look forward to visiting you often!


  4. Me again Katy. I had to pop over to say how much your comment on my blog today made me laugh: I am always saying Heavens to betsy, but have never heard anyone else say it!!! So funny x


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