Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Irish Valentine

Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for church, my funny valentine came into the room with his hands behind his back and a familiar, lovely chinking sound following him.

Coming up to me, he lovingly asked if he could be my Leprechaun. I sweetly replied, "oh my, yes!" Then he gave me a beautiful pot of gold!  Gold wrapped Ferrero Kocher Hazelnut chocolates that is. Even better than the chocolate (yes, I just said that) were the three lovely Portmeirion bowls that they were in. 

In the foolishness of my youth, I used to have eyes only for dainty, chintz china until we found a Portmeirion tea pot in a discount store for four dollars. They didn't know what they had! This botanical pattern is so very pleasant to live with.

Here is the pattern that runs around the bowls

Perhaps I should be completely honest with you and tell you that we ate most of the chocolates before I ever got the camera out.

In other news ...

Freckles is giving a very obedient Flopsy bun a bath


Katy Noelle x

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