Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If you don't have anything nice to say ... talk about the weather!

"Snow likely" - HA!

Silly weather man!

There was no school today.

I am writing this post by candlelight. Well, there's a candle lit here because the power is flickering and the lights keep dimming.

This is the fourth white post in a little over a week. The snow is beautiful but I am craving color.

I've absolutely loved this book for over a decade now. I've logged in hours and hours studying the pictures or just feeding my color and design addiction.

Out of all of the interior design books and magazines I've ever looked at, the following room is one of my absolute favorites of all time.

I wrestled with the decision to include this today because the light was very, very tricky for photography. Please forgive the quality. I have a feeling that I will share this room again but there is a particular reason that I'm showing it to you today.

One of the things that I love about this room is the layering of different colors of green and pattern. Nothing is matching (as in there are no two chairs that are the exact same, done in the same fabric). Yet everything is a beautiful, blended whole. This makes it so relaxed and intimate to me - less formal. Also, it gives it a wonderful evolved over time, established feel like it's been there for a long time. Comfy!

I also love the accents of "blue willow" and blue toile. Of course blue and green match but I rarely seem to see it as a decorating scheme. Just look at nature, however, (well, in Vermont anyway) there's blue and green everywhere outside - during the normal parts of the year that is. (Scusi! I am feeling a bit querulous towards winter at the moment because the snow has flattened our lilac hedge and trimmed our giant white pines in a most unflattering manner.)


Then, there are those perfect little bright touches of gentle pink.

Let's also observe the severely happy sunniness emanating from the windows.

With all of this, I wonder if you could guess what absolutely makes this room the tops for me.

If you noticed it too, you are truly a precious kindred spirit.

There is pure joy in the thought of a vintage Scrabble game! That is just the piece de resistance that makes this room truly divine! 

I am secretly hoping that the storm coming in on the heels of this one is a doozy so that the kids can stay home tomorrow. (Oops! It's a secret no more.) If it is, maybe we'll play some Scrabble.

Fancy a game?

Wishing you a happy, cozy day no matter what it brings and where you are,

Katy Noelle x

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  1. Lovely wintry pics! Hope you're all having fun in the snow.

    I think I have that Laura Ashley book somewhere - very nice room - it looks so comfy and inviting ...

    Scrabble, what can I say! My favourite board game of all time, how clever of you to notice it snucked away on that table!

    Jeanne x


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