Thursday, February 11, 2010

We had the lightest dusting of snow yesterday. It was the only cloudy day that we've had for a couple of weeks. It's been gloriously sunny. Today, however, I felt a shift in the light. The sky wasn't pale wintery blue but topaz. The sunbeams were potent and the shadows deeper somehow. It drew me outside. Yup! It's still cold!

The dry, dead leaves that are still hanging on and shaking in the wind were glowing bronze. The reflective bark on the branches was silver and shining.

The very chill breeze made my visit to the brisk outside satisfactorily brief. "Well! That was lovely! Time to go inside!"

When I got there, the sun was tilting beautifully through the windows. It compelled me to quickly take a picture of my favorite and disheveled sunny spot. (Well, at the moment the sun is missing that corner of the sofa but there's pretty much always some sunny nook to look at somewhere in this room.)

It's not only the corner of the couch where I bask that makes this my favorite spot. I also love how the sun glows through the butter colored curtains and how it gleams on the plants there. Apparently I must like late afternoon sun best.

It's just so peaceful. It always makes me catch my breath or sigh (contented type). It's always one of those quiet ticking clock spaces.

Look closely at the flower petals. They were sparkly like sugar in the sun today.

Actually, click on the picture, please, so that you can really see it. It's unbelievable!

When I went shopping last week, I saw some poor forlorn orchids blooming beautifully with no one to appreciate they're splendour. I petitioned Tom and he bought them for me for Valentine's Day. Happy, Happy me!

Katy Noelle x

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