Monday, February 22, 2010

Super Chicken's Fine Day Out (a true story).

The forecast says, "snow likely" for the next week or so. This evening the clouds have started to move in. I have to confess that I've been dreading it. Winter is still with us.

Today, however, lovely today has been like spring again.

We've had more thaw, it seems, than snow this year. I can see the ground and the mud keeps threatening to suck my shoes off of my feet. One year, we had ten feet of snow in March. It was piled so high from the snow falling off of the roof that we couldn't see anything but white out of our first floor windows! I think that this year is going to be completely opposite of that.  You never know, but, I feel quite in a flurry and a hurry to get those seeds ordered soon. I think part of the reason that I feel so compelled to get a move on is because ...

today I saw my first robin!!!!!!!!

There was a whole flock of about thirty actually. They were looking for worms but there's only about an inch of thaw on the ground. It's still quite frozen beneath. (What do the worms do when the ground freezes?) They (the robins I mean) seemed very happy to make do with the plethora of hips from our old fashioned Goliath rose bush though.

I was born and raised in California and have only lived in Vermont for a short seventeen years. I never quite fully understood the poetry of spring. I mean, I'm rather a romantic soul so I enjoyed the sentiments, but, I had no concept, living in the land of eternal sun, what it's like after the bleak winter to welcome back feathered friends that were taken for granted until they were gone for so long.

In short, it's quite a to-do around here when the robins are back.

Meanwhile ...

Super Chicken (that is her name) escaped from the enclosure for the first time since the autumn.

There was liquid H2O to examine.

When you're Super Chicken, you're bold as brass. Nothing frightens you.

Why not head into the big dark barn? I mean, there might be food there.

We must confess, there was some jealousy in the barnyard today.

Handsome Jack paced back and forth keeping a watchful eye on her and nudging any other hens that had any bright ideas and came too close to the wire.

... but, when you're Super Chicken, the world is an adventure just waiting to be discovered.

Flopsy Bun agrees, life is pretty darn good!

Love and cheer,

Katy Noelle


  1. Katy Noelle darling what a eloquently written post and lovely photos, I felt as if I was there looking at all this beauty in person. Flopsy Bun is so adorable. Have a fabulous week.

    Love & Hugs

  2. Katy, you must just love living there. I would roam with the chickens all day long. I long for a house with some land around it for roses and ponds and a yummy vegetable garden. I loved looking at your pics today. Terri

  3. I too love the turning of the seasons, it really is one of the joys of living in the countryside!
    Hope the snow continues to stay away and a proper thaw sets in.
    Your flock of hens are fabulous Katy, they are sooo lucky to have such wonderful land to roam around in!

    I'm loving your door wreath ...

    Jeanne x


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