Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Twas the night before the night before Christmas....

Goodness! Here we are already! On the eve of Christmas Eve!

I'm so happy!! It's here for the shortest blip in time but precious and magic!

But I'm still keeping it all in perspective. This year's Christmas has been a sea change for me!

I have, indeed, been absent for two days of my advent challenge. This is because we had a very small and mellow gathering to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary which was on the eighteenth.

So! I suppose we could say that the word for today is definitely Love!

Could anything be more appropriate at this time of year? ;)

My parents took us out to Burdick's restaurant which was sparkling and festive. Then, the Christmas Vespers service at our church was this past Sunday evening and it was beautiful!! and, then, we had the tiny party for my parents on Tuesday. I'm so glad that I tuned my piano!! we sang carols and it was so uplifting and warm! and, then, this evening, we hosted the boy scout's Christmas party. (My husband is the troop leader.) My goodness! The belly laughter emanating from the other room, tonight.... :)

So, this evening, I'm opening up our 'family album' and showing you some pictures from Burdick's (I'm not very talented with my phone camera - sorry!) and from the party, yesterday evening. The rest of the pictures were from this beautifully foggy morning!!! (This foggy morning was the calm after the storm - both literally and figuratively, though, now the rain is pattering soothingly away outside, again!)

And, you may notice... one reason that I might possibly love Christmas so much is because my dad is Santa, himself! ;)


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