Monday, December 14, 2015

Three French Hens!

This little advent project was conceived as just an easy, soul feeding escapade. A little joy, for me, at Christmas time and, then, who knows? Perhaps someone would read it and it would make them smile or encourage them or something. It was all going well until yesterday. Yesterday, I had an idea that set off fireworks in my creative spirit. Suddenly, I was making grand and complicated plans for a photo shoot, etc. Actually, I guess, this project has primed the pump and I have all sorts of lovely ideas flowing. Feeling overwhelmed, I punted with a 'simple' idea that I had when I first started, to photograph those pretty and festive doors. Then, today came and I had a good ol' think.

Thing is, I'm not going to make it.

I mean, I'm not going to get everything done that I want to do before Christmas. I never do. I've been trying to keep things simple but, I realized, today, there's that piece of perfectionism in me that is so sneaky and can so easily take over my heart and mind.

So, it is determined! Instead of giving sway to decisions that wipe me out and take over my life, I am going to live Practically and by Priorities! Isn't this something that we're always supposed to be doing? But isn't it so easy to get turned around at this time of year? Well, it's hard to explain but I've let go of something inside of me that shouldn't have been there and am just going to live! Nothing is the end of the world - really!

Anyhoo! This gave me the freedom to punt, once again, with an idea that's kept coming to me. A simple idea! Photograph the hens that are constantly pecking around in my garden right outside my window! They can be 'three French hens'!! Trouble is! Are any of them French?

So I went outside and asked,

"Pardonez! Excusez moi! Il y a une poule parmi vous qui parle francais?"

I'm not quite sure what they said but...

they sounded a lot like what I imagine French hens would sound like. Just not sure about the accent....

In any case....

...look at those fluffy petticoats!! They must be french!


P.S. For those of you 'in the know'... yes! Those are green eggs! ;)

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