Friday, December 11, 2015

Nur Ar Det Jul Igen

Somehow, it just doesn't feel like Christmas-time, yet, this year. I'm not sure if it's because I missed Halloween and it's made everything feel 'off' and unreal since then or, perhaps, it's the unusually warm weather we're having. I just know that I've been given a second chance in life and am washing windows like a fiend but... I don't have any Christmas decorations up, yet.

I think one of the problems is that, this year, we skipped a tradition that we started about 15 years ago. Back in those days, Grandma lived in Massachusetts (about two hours away) and, by the time the Thanksgiving feast was over, we would bundle our young, overtired boys into the car and set off in the dark for the long drive home. We would put on Garrison Keillor's Christmas CD, Now It Is Christmas Again, and look at the beautiful Christmas lights. Now, Grandma lives next door; so - no drive!

I've been waiting for a moment when the whole family is hanging out to put it on but that just isn't happening; so, I put it on for myself, today, and the first strains began and....

....I cried!

(and, here, I'm wanting to share it so that you can hear the first bit but, sometimes there's an ad - sometimes, not - but it's only 5 seconds if you do get it! On the other hand... the commercial they've got going, this evening is ummmm... er.... sigh. ;) )

So, the word for today is tradition.

We wouldn't know where we are or what time it is without them!

Anyway, what a funny coincidence! Those few lines, translated, are 'Now it is Yuletide again!'


If you have time, I would so love to hear any of your traditions that you enjoy at this time of year!!


*The song is a Danish Christmas Carol. The picture is of my great grandparents in Denmark with some of my Grandpa's younger siblings. (In all, there were 22 of them! ;) ) I've noticed, the song gets my dad all choked up and teary eyed, too! ;)


  1. Love the photo of your great grandparents in Denmark. Also loving that you are posting often. Your blog is lovely.
    ~ Lin

    1. Thank you so much, Lin! That, quite honestly, warms my heart!! <3 Off to get Christmas Tree #2, now!! :D



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