Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pine Pitch!

So! Perhaps you will remember that day number two's word was provision! And, then, after I had decided on the word, I found out that we were in some very serious need of. Well, a major provision DID come through (THANK GOODNESS!!) and, this afternoon, I needed to take an unplanned trip up to Rutland town with Tom to sign papers and pick it up. ;) So, I've already written another post for today but got back too late to take pictures and, anyway, I need to move on and get something else done with the family and for my home today.


This evening, we are decorating our trees and I think that the perfect word for today is: PINE PITCH! Don't ask me why in the world that came to mind! :P ;)

Till tomorrow! :)


Falalalalaaaaa lalalaLA! :)

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