Thursday, December 10, 2015


I know that old adage that one should never speak about money, politics or religion (at the dinner table, anyway) but, oh, how many wonderful stories get lost because of it. Well, really, I'm talking about the money part. You see, so many of us who live in Vermont live here for the lifestyle and not the stellar economy. I know what it's like to have plenty and to be in want (to borrow a phrase ;) ) but, really, even when I'm white knuckling it through the grocery store, blessed!!!! We are so rich!!

And, so it is that, today, as I was thinking about what word and what picture to share, the word provision came so strongly to me over and over and OVER again. Therefore, I am going to share a picture that is similar to yesterday's but, this time, I'll focus on our Christmas tree.

The story goes like this:

A friend of ours called to say that they had bought a Christmas tree for their daughter but she said she would prefer a smaller tree, this year. They thought of us and would we like to have this Christmas tree as a gift? We wonder every single year how we are going to afford our two trees and we have so many amazing and precious stories about how they come to us! ;) (and, before you suggest it - NO! We can't just have one. ;) ) 

Well, Tom went to get the tree and the truth came out. This tree had been by the side of the road for two days. On the third, it was decided that it was fair game - none of the other neighbors wanted it and, so, it was claimed and offered to us. It's beautiful! It's perfect! It's our roadkill Christmas Tree! :)

The truly amazing thing is, I would rather have shared something, today, that was different from yesterday's pictures but the word 'PROVISION' really just kept coming so strongly to mind. Then, we got some, er, challenging news.....

God is so kind and compassionate! He's got it covered and He'll provide! He made sure I knew it before!! I just can't even begin to explain the peace and gratitude...

The wood the boys stacked, yesterday...



  1. WhAt a beautiful tree Katy....wowwww happy weekend love Ria x❤️

  2. I love it when things find us. And, yes, we are blessed!


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