Friday, December 18, 2015

Make a Wish!

There's this great Irish Christmas song (i.e. modern folk) and the lyrics go something like:

If you need your silence, if you need to pray,
thinking of others that you [mumble ;)] today...
There's rain on the window, there's beer on the shelf,
We wish you the Christmas that you wish yourself!

(I think it's a Pub song! ;))

(...and I may have made a few of those lyrics up - I can never quite catch it all. ;))


I tuned my piano, this week. I finished tonight and just spent an hour playing. It's been a year since it's been even close to being playable. Tom and I were both moved - it feels like the house is coming alive again or something. Point being, we hadn't realized how much we missed it!

A week ago, when I said to a friend, "I'm never going to make it!" (To Christmas... ) They said, "what's most important to you?" Then, they made me, actually, verbally prioritize and talk it out. I had to let something go to the bottom of the pile and that was both hard and a relief. But, more than that, it was an epiphany to realize what kind of Christmas I really wish myself.

What I want for Christmas, this year, is to Pray! Love my family! Be creative! Wash the windows! (little by little... ;) ) and I really wished (though I didn't think it would happen) that I could tune my piano! This is what's important to me, this year.

To 'make my priorities' sounds so simple but, this wasn't just making the list of what I'm 'supposed' to do - it was listening to my heart and letting go of expectations! I've never quite made priorities like that before.

Thing is, it HAS made what I'm doing clearer and much more simple!

So, even though I'm decorating and cleaning and working hard (but with a will!), everything seems much simpler.
Could this be? Can one decorate and enjoy Christmas and, yet, still keep it simple?

I'll keep you posted! ;)

But, I do wonder... what do you need this Christmas? To sleep and rest? To save some money? To spend quality family time? To go to a concert? A new camera or lens? (Wait, no! That's not the kind of need I'm talking about! ;))

Well, my dear friends, I don't really need to know but I truly do wish you the Christmas that you wish yourself!!! <3

In the meantime, we're enjoying...

Kitty's First Christmas...

Both Puff and Smoke Got VERY excited when I came in to finish decorating the family room tree. It was so funny! They were like my three boys on a Christmas induced, sugar enhanced, hyper-excited fever pitch... times THREE! They raced around, went in and out of the boxes and checked out every single thing I did. They, especially, liked the part where they helped me undecorate the tree. :P

Apparently, our kitties love Christmas as much as the rest of us do!

They even helped us open and read our Christmas cards! Talk about getting into the spirit of things...

Till tomorrow! I'm going to bed!!!


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