Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It has been such a fast and furious three years and, quite suddenly, I find myself with time. I've taken extra expectations off of myself for Christmas, this year. It's just time to nurture myself and my family - to pray and make home! I'm so happy and relieved, I could cry!

I've been thinking... I'd like to take pictures for me - just me! My heart needs it and, the simple pleasures that I see around me are so beautiful, that I thought that perhaps I could start a little two week thankfulness Blogging Advent project. We'll see if I can stay the course. ;)

Today, what I've seen is wood! We've got the big stacks of wood all squirreled away in the big shed but we're still working on stacking wood for the family room stove. Therefore, I think a good word for the day is 'warmth' and that is just perfect considering that my heart is humming, these days, with a desire to make my home warm - not just temperature wise but... it seems that it's me - mom - who makes Christmas special and I have a heart to serve and bless my family!

Wishing you and yours much warmth in this holiday time, too! :)



  1. A lovely post ~ enjoy the beauty each day brings!
    ~ Lin

  2. We always think our firewood stash is gold in the bank. Every year we stand back with satisfaction and think, "We're going to be okay."


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