Monday, August 2, 2010

Miss Marple is Still in Retirement

The lovely weather continues on, here ~ soft and quiet. My eyes and heart have been filled with so many beautiful things. Well, I guess that it has a lot to do with how one looks at life.

Tom was gone to boy scout camp, this past week, .....

....with a small handful of his scruffy (and adorable) gang, ....

  ~ including our oldest son, Lliam.

It was really quiet around here.

The heron came and visited us for a few days.

(Gosh, he startled us when he came sploshing out of the reeds!)

Wednesday was quite toasty warm and very windy. A baby robin and his nest fell out of the large pines that are behind our house. We rescued him and put him and his nest in an old bird feeder.


 Oh, and I painted our family room as a surprise for Mr. Tom. I thought that it would be alright but I did have it running through my mind to tell you that, if you didn't hear from me in a week, go and find Miss Marple!

Well, Tom is back.

All is well ~ he loves the color. (It really has turned out well!) The bird has grown and hopped out of his nest and the loveliness continues on.


 Now, I really should go and put all of the furniture back!

 Till next time,

Katy Noelle


  1. A lovely post, Katy. You tell a very good story with your photos and writing...always very interesting.

    Have a good week...


  2. My dear Katy, just got back from spending the weekend at the Purple Caravan. Not much has been happening there since my husband is being totally bombarded with work (believe me, I'm not complaining, we are certainly blessed considering how many are still suffering!) but, this means the rennovations will be put on hold till the Autum. In the meantime I've cleaned up a storm and have tried to give it a few personal touches to make it our own (will be posting photos soon) So glad to hear you are enjoying the Summer. Your photos reflect nothing but peace and beauty! Have a lovely day and thank you for being so wonderful XOXO

  3. Dear Katey Noelle!!!

    How lucky that little bird was!!!! And HOW cute he is!!!!

    Very funny that you went ahead and painted - I do think it was a good move! My mum used to do it all the time - and as my dad used to come home for lunch every day, she had to be quick - once he left for work and when he got back at lunch time all the bedroom furniture was white (DARK brown before) -How she did it in that short time, I don't know...but by the time my Dad got back,it was too 'late'.....all done and looking much better than before.... :) And me too, I paint stuff when I am alone, much easier - I can prepare the piece I am painting MY way - which is probably not the best way, but then I am not painting it so it stays like that forever.....

    Anyway, I do like the picture in my head - how you describe the summer and yes, it has LOT to do with how one looks at things!!!!! You are very good at passing on to us how you see it - it is always a joy to visit !!!!

    Have a lovely day!!!!



    p.s LOVE your blog title today!! :)

  4. What a lovely post Kathy....did i tell you i am in love of your rabbit on your Ria....

  5. Your closeups of the Queen Anne's Lace, the heron, the ripening apples...the growth in Scout camp. Energizing theme.

  6. When I saw the name 'Miss Marple' I just had to pop over and I'm sooo glad I did! What a lovely blog and anyone who knows anything about Agatha Christie is an instant kindred spirit in my book!

  7. Your photos took me away to a dreamy summer week.

  8. this is such a relaxed, soothing post. lovely images and the robin is so sweet!

  9. Hi!

    Thank you for your story, well, Mrs Marple is still alive :-)

    Greetings from Austria!


  10. Hi Katy Noelle,
    Which color did you paint the room ?

    What a strange first name your son have : Lliam.
    It sounds no english at all.

    You have a beautiful family.

  11. Hi Katy,

    It is very mean of you, not telling us what the new colour of your living room is ;-)!! I love to I have to wait until your next post...that's very difficult for a nosy person like me :-)!

    Hope Tom and Liam had a great time at camp. They look both very good in their uniforms! I think your son looks a lot like you in your profile photo! I think it's in the eyes and the dark complexion.

    The wildlife pictures are beautiful. It's these small things like the birds and the flowers that can make you so happy! Don't you agree?

    Well, I am off to bed now. It's getting far too late.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  12. looks like everyone has been busy and happy! stunning photos, as always, too!


  13. Dear Katy, Many apologies for the lateness of my appearance but I have been on my travels.

    Great minds as they say.....yes, I could not agree with Madelief more......just what is the colour of the Family Roo that you have been busy painting?!!

    You have shown some lovely images here and, on each occasion that you give glimpses of your surroundings, I am more convinced of its unspoilt beauty. you are so right to continue to marvel at it all.

    I am so pleased that T and your eldes returned safely. Just exactly what do they do at Scout Camp?!!

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