Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Mini Getaway

Tom played hooky on Sunday (he is the pastor, in case you didn't know) and our family enjoyed a little getaway.

This is the "Ti"!

Happily, "Ti" is short for the "Ticonderoga" and not "Titanic".

This beautiful steam boat is part of the collection at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT. The town is near Burlington, which is on the shores of Lake Champlain.

The Shelburne Museum is an amazing and incredibly unique place. It is a collection of collections - a museum of museums. Not only is its concept original, the collections themselves, which are distinctly American, reveal the mind of a woman, Electra Havemeyer Webb, who had a childlike heart and mind which, I feel, was akin to Walt Disney's. The collections are everything from Amish quilts to carved circus pieces and merry-go-round horses to New England architecture (the "museums" are, themselves, in beautiful old homes that were collected and moved to the grounds) to horse carriages to steam trains and paraphernalia to hunting lodges and large hunting trophies to Staffordshire china to impressionistic art to antique glass to antique toys, dolls, cigar Indians, to barns to, well - you name it!

You can read about the museum's story here!
(it's well worth poking around the site!)

Well, one thing that I heartily enjoyed were the gardens, of all things. They are simple New England gardens but beautifully kept. As a matter of fact, I don't remember common annuals looking any prettier!

The old fashioned roses were everywhere and in full bloom. I've, also, been here when the apple trees and lilacs were in bloom - they have an amazing amount of different varieties. The grounds with the trees and sloping green lawns and gorgeous buildings is quite a sight. I just wish I'd taken a really good picture of the gestalt! (I think it was the mammoth, thunderous downpour that drove the thought out of my mind.)

This is the entrance to the spiral "garden" that encircled the flag pole out near the entrance. You can just see a "corner" of the round barn.

That is the covered bridge in the background.

It's a curious thing but, I really haven't been in any gardens this year. Now, that I've seen these gorgeous flowers and eaten out on our own porch, I feel a strange sense of calm and completeness from it. I feel the full happiness of summer and am satisfied!


Katy Noelle


  1. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    What a perfect little Mini Escape! Historical value with the museum and a beautiful environment. I love that area, from nature and the St. Lawrence river has such lovely and quaint villages. On the Vermont side of course equally beautiful. So that is the famous covered bridge! The gardens looked great too and that feeling of completeness is good! Great for starting the fall next month...

    Greetings from Georgia,


  2. Dearest Katy, What a perfect short break, with something for everyone to enjoy I am sure. I had not heard of this museum before so was most intrigued to learn more about it.

    The gardens look to have been delightful. The simple picket fencing and riot of annuals made a charming arrangement. No doubt much food for thought for your own garden.

  3. How great to play hooky from church, your husband and family deserves a break, and visit such an interesting and beautiful place.

  4. A perfect way to spend a day away! How lovely to see gardens that look to have received ample rain. Ours are so parched! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  5. What glorious way to spend a Sunday!!! What wonderful memories you made! Cathy

  6. I think EVERYONE should play hooky once in awhile! :) And it looks like you all had a great time doing it ~ good for you!

    Happy Day Katy!
    xo Catherine

  7. Dearest Katy

    It was so lovely to see your comment at my post today - such genuine sentiments as ever - thank you dear friend.

    Good to hear you managed to get away and spend some time in this glorious place. The gardens are so colourful and the little picket fence truly American! The steamship is a fine example of great engineering - I love the dials and the wonderful patina to the metal. You know how much I'm into history so this post was a delight to read.

    Oh and many best wishes on your wedding anniversary - may there be many more!


  8. Hi Katy.. What a fantastic getaway!! Steamboats and covered bridges are both so romantic, and nothing we see here on the west coast. I could get lost in those gardens forever... the spiral is too fun :-)
    Thnaks for taking me along!

  9. am swooning over your picket fence and zinnia pics! looks like a wonderful time!

    (i am having a big blogging catch-up session tonight.)

    happy weekend!


  10. A perfectly pretty getaway, sweet Katy. The flowers are awesome indeed, you captured them lovely! We cannot get enough of flowers can we?
    Hope your weekend is great so far. Lots of hugs your way, my friend.
    We got back yesterday so I'm in the laundry room most of the time ;(

  11. I've heard of the Shelburne Museum, but never knew the treasures it held. Now I have to get to Vermont - soon! The gardens are lovely and the round barn is spectacular. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place. Could you just spend days there? It looks like that kind of place.

    And Happy Anniversary! Your dinner looked so inviting and romantic. Just perfect!

  12. What a great little escape Katy! I always love perusing your blog too. We seem to have like-minded subjects floating around in our heads. Thank you for all your lovely comments, especially the last one from my birdie post. My computer doesn't notify me of comments on older posts, but sometimes revisit. I think if my settings were for approval, then I would be notified. I always love hearing from you and glad your sister likes my blog too. Hope you are having a great weekend.
    xo Delores

  13. Oh, I haven't been there in years -- it's one of my favorite museums!!! :)


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