Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy girl that I am....

(Hmmm, I know I've seen this photo somewhere before!)

Craaaaaaazy girl that I am, I have started another blog.

It is a simple one.
It's name is:

and, that's exactly what it is.

I am a little shy mentioning it but it is a place to be free and not really care what others think. Ahhhhhhh! Pleasant thought - that is!


if you're interested....

that's what's up.


Katy Noelle


  1. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    Okay, FOUND you!

    Greetings from Georgia,


  2. I am off to explore!

  3. Dearest Katy, Now, who could possibly consider you to be mad? Another weblog? Interesting! Strangely, with or without a second weblog, I have always considered you from the first, when I so happily came across your postings, to be a totally free spirit. It is indeed what gives to everything that you do such energy, life and vitality. Long may that continue as will, I do so hope, 'In the Sunny Spot'.

  4. Katy,
    I really could not sum it up better than Edith Hope in her above comment.
    I never cease to enjoy your posts, your beautiful way of sharing your thoughts and ideas in words and photos.
    I'm happy for you and looking forward to seeing your new blog.



  5. Good for you!! Having a new adventure!!! Cathy

  6. Well you know I will be popping over and having a 'look see' dearest Katy! The photo of the little egg in the nest is adorable! Hope your week is going well dear friend!

    xo Catherine

  7. Will pop over later to have a look Katy. I know I will love it as your photos are just gorgeous. Soory I have been so bad at commenting lately - normality will resume no doubt as the holidays end! Love reading your posts though xx

  8. Uh oh! If having one other blog makes one crazy ~ what does that make me? I have 7! (8 if you count my test blog!) I like to have things organized into nice little compartments sooo~
    there is a method to my madness! ;~P
    I poping over to see your new one!


    P.S. I'm glad I'm in good company!

  9. How exciting! I'm headed over to the new blog to subscribe, can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

  10. Dear Katy

    You ARE spoiling us:-)

    Crazy? Maybe. Free spirit? Definitely!

    Off to have a lookie and sign up for more Katy Noelle loveliness.


  11. I love your blog! It is so sweet and full of lovely ramblings... I love your photo blog, too. I am crazy about pictures!!!!!!


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