Saturday, August 21, 2010

There's always time...

Yesterday, as I was browsing through one of my all time favorite interior decorating books -  the Laura Ashley Guide to Country Decorating - I read:

Flowers for all Seasons
The fewer preconceptions you have about how to put things together the better, if you are aiming for a natural country look. Traditionally, country arrangements were composed of flowers found wild or carefully cultivated in a precious patch of garden created specially for the purpose. So it is still. And, no matter how busy your life, there should always be time to pick a handful of whatever flower is in perfect bloom to put into the nearest jug and proudly display on kitchen tables, windowsills or church altars.
(My italics added.)

Alrighty, then!

 Goodness! I haven't picked flowers for a bouquet in "donkey's years." As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time....

 Actually, do you see the pretty, fuzzy, glowing grasses in the upper left hand corner of the picture above? I just bought those for my garden. I did pause and wonder if I was a lunatic for buying a grass when I do have, at least, five acres of it in the meadow out my back door. Am I a lunatic??? Anyway, I'm positive that we don't have this one. Look at how beautiful it is! (I wonder if it will go to seed all over my garden. Well, ironically, most of my perennial grasses usually die - I'm not too worried.) The point being, I am enamoured with it!

Goodness! They're right! No matter how busy life gets, I shouldn't forget to make time for a bouquet. It has brought me joy!

Love, Katy Noelle

P.S. I want to make sure that you didn't miss my last post because there is an invitation, of sorts, in it. Thank you!


  1. you've made me want to go out and pick a bunch of flowers! lovely words and pictures

  2. Hi, Katy Noelle. Came here from Mary's place to say hello to a fellow 'Katy'. I don't meet many who spell their name the same way as I used to. (I changed it to Kate when I turned 21 because I thought it was more sophisticated. * sigh *)

  3. Dearest Katy, And your posting of today has brought me great joy too. Such a lovely sequence of images and, as you acknowledge, Laura Ashley was so right when it comes to creating informal, natural arrangements for the house. Those in my Morning and Drawing Rooms are testament to that as I can do no other. And, who cares if the grass eventually seeds everywhere - it will be lost in five acres!

  4. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    That made a lovely bouquet of all sorts of flowers. Did you gather some from the wild, in the adjacent meadow? It didn't become quite clear from your story if they were from your garden or from the wild... LOVELY they are.

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  5. Hi Katy,

    I think we must have been sitting behind the computer at the same time. You midday and I in the evening :-)!

    I had to read your text twice to see that the photos were yours and not from the Laura Ashley book. The bouquets are really stunning!!!! It's not only the grasses, but the other wildflowers as well. To me, this kind of bouquets are the most beautiful!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Beautiful garden flowers...i love flowers it is my life !!! and work....hahahahah!! love Ria....

  7. beautiful post! loved the words, loved the pics. enjoy your new grass! :)


  8. Dear Katy

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful bouquet with us. I always try to have fresh flowers in the house - they really bring a room to life I feel!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  9. NOOOO you are not a lunatic for buying that grass....!!! ANYTHING is allowed to make life prettier - and I do not think that being sensible is always the answer!!!!!

    Loved the flowers - I often pick as I walk, you never know what you end up with in your jug!!!!! At the moment, as I am sort of housebound - because of the puppy, waiting for her injections to kick in, before we can go our for walks - I can only pick in my own garden...and there is not much to pick from this year, so LOADS of sweet peas in our house....

    Have a LOVELY weekend!!!



  10. It's fun making the bouquet and then sitting back and admiring. Your bouquet is very pretty and photographed beautifully!

  11. Your bouquet is beautiful Katy! I would have totally bought that pretty grass as well. :)

    Have a lovely week friend!
    xo Catherine

  12. Gorgeous Katy! What are those dark spiky flowers? You know I almost like them best when they are just sitting in the basket. Maybe because it tells a story of you just coming in after wandering your garden. I don't know. Really pretty, anyway. I found a spot for my grasses too I think. Cheers

  13. You need one of my walking sticks with the basket attached!! ;-)


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