Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Bouquet of Photographs

It rained last night ~ finally!

I spent some lovely time enjoying the misty morning on our front porch with my sons. It is so nice to have that space back, again, after the puppy wasteland that it was.

This was the view out my bedroom window as the sun was cresting over the trees.

 A blousy rose that has already blown away with the fog.


Okay, enough procrastinating!!! I have to go finish painting the too rough hewn beams in the family room. Then, I am completely done!


Katy Noelle


  1. Dearest Katy, What a tease you are.....just when will we see the finished product, beams and all?!!

    Procrastination I have always found to be a wonderful occupation.

  2. Hi Katy,

    To have fog already! I so enjoy those misty mornings when I walk to the train station to get to work. Especially when all is quiet and the sun is just getting up. Fog even has a scent of its own! As I sit behind my computer I try to recall it, it's almost the same scent as the scent of earth after a heavy shower! I like it very much!

    Good luck with your painting!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. We have had fog the last couple of mornings here in WA, too! I wonder if Fall is upon us already?

  4. Dear Madelief and Edith,

    Hee hee hee heeeee!

  5. Dearest Katy,

    That was a very mystical interlude! Hope you manage your job and enjoy more rains with more misty mornings...

    Sunny greetings from Georgia where we also had a big rain yesterday!


  6. In the heat here the coolness of your fog is invigorating! Thank you! Cathy

  7. Looks like we are both in a fog today- in a good way of course!!!
    Your view is lovely on a misty morn.Don't work too hard.


  8. Well one must take time out to smell the flowers ~ even when there is painting to do! :)

    Glad you got some needed rain.
    xo Catherine

  9. That shot of the red barn is so lovely

  10. That barn photo is like a painting Katy! Just gorgeous.

  11. That view from your bedroom...priceless! You must feel like you live inside a postcard, don't you? I know I would! XOXO

  12. Love that view from your room Katy Noëlle. We often have rather dense fog early in the morning which usually signals a warm day ahead. I've painted walls and ceilings recently - very boring and not good for the neck! :)

  13. Wonderful, Dear ♥

    Nature is such a wonderful thing!

    Love and kisses- Ines!

  14. Hey sunny Katy!
    painting beams? marvelous......when I paint anything I seem to end up wearing most of the paint!
    Hope all is good in Vermont ( I love that name, I wonder if it has a cocktail namesake? I hope so. )
    Make mine a double Vermont! Care to join me?

    Love Sarah x

  15. Oh and I really like red barns too!

    Sarah x

  16. your flowers and your garden look so beautiful


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