Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Again

I have been trying to convince myself that we still have a good week's worth of summer left and that I might as well not be sad until the time actually comes for school to start and our carefree existence to end. I can no longer fool myself, however. The time has come to prepare.

I have laundry and clothes, new shoes and haircuts, pencils and paper, organization stations, clean rooms and fresh starts, sack lunches and oatmeal breakfasts running through my mind. Honestly, this year, my heart is aching. I needed more summer.

This photo is a representation of my life.

Do you notice how it appears that one clock is off. Well, in truth, both clocks have stopped. They are totally uncoordinated and not working. One stands for the summer that has passed in such a queer and quick way, this year, and the other is me. sigh.


On the other hand, I have very happy homey thoughts running through my mind.

This is not my home but, the other day, when the clouds were dark and I was driving by, there were warm lights shining through the dark windows. It was so welcoming and cozy and sheltering. Maybe it's not so bad to be settled back in to a routine and tied to home. Anyway, there are always still some little Autumn jaunts that are full of adventure. Hmm, I guess that our lives aren't over.

Also, I gather from your comments that September is many of your favorite time of year. I know that it is mine. It's so quiet and reflective. The kids are back in school and the tourists have gone home and the weather is splendidly mild.

It will be just me and the crickets in a couple of weeks.

Also, our nights are getting chillier and I love the warm kitchen and the smell of Tom's coffee in the morning.

Well, this lovely home made me remember and feel all of this. It, also, snapped me into Faure, Ravel and Debussy mode and made me think of the poetry to one of my favorite "chansons".

Au bord de l'eau
S'asseoir tous deux au bord du glot qui passe,
Le voir passer;
Tous deux s'il glisse un nuage en l'espace,
Le voir glisser;
A l'horizon s'il fume un toit de chaume,
Le voir fumer;
Aux alentours, si quelque fleur embaume,
S'en embaumer;
Entendre au pied du saule ou l'eau murmure,
L'eau murmurer,
Ne pas sentir tant que ce reve dure
Le temps durer,
Mais n'apportant de passion profonde
Qu'a s'adorer,
Sans nul souci des querelles du monde,
Les ignorer,
Et seuls tous deux devant tout ce qui lasse,
Sans se lasser;
Sentir l'amour devant tout ce qui passe,
Ne point passer!

~Sully Prudhomme

Beside the waters
To sit together on the bank of the stream that passes,
To see it pass;
Together, when a cloud floats in space,
To see it float;
When a cottage chimney is smoking on the horizon,
To see it smoke;
If nearby a flower spreads its fragrance,
To absorb its scent;
To hear at the foot of the willow, where water murmurs,
The water murmur,
Not to notice, while this dream lasts,
The passage of time,
But to feel deep passion
Only to adore each other;
Not to care at all about the world's quarrels,
To ignore them,
And alone, together, facing all that grows weary,
Not to grow weary;
To be in love while all passes away,
Never to change!

~ Sully Prudhomme

I am soothed and feel much better, now!

Also, I have noticed something lovely. I am over 100 followers.

This calls for a celebration and, when everyone is back (in September), I will have a little party. It will be hobbit fashion and I will give a gift. Please, make sure that you don't miss it!

In the meantime, I would like to thank you all so very sincerely for your comments and responses to my posts. They, truly, mean an awful lot to me!

Yes, home is wonderful! I will be content.


Katy Noelle xo


  1. Hi kathy ...welcome home......a party !!! ..........yes I'm from the party ...!!!! i come back !! haahahaha!! love Ria......

  2. Wishing you well as you begin this years adventure in "school days." You have a refreshing post! Thank you! Cathy

  3. Welcome back dear Katy, and you know what they say .... 'there's no place like home'!

    I love September too - it always seems so fruitful and mellow ... opportunities for foraging and fruit picking ... I love the turn of all the seasons and take joy in each:-)

    Do enjoy these reflective late summer days with wonderful music and sensitive poetry - bliss!


  4. I was in the backyard today stripping paint off of the chest we used as a changing table for all three boys. I was boo-hooing! My littlest went to kindergarten this week and the nursery and baby days are completely over. So sad I was. And, I really never get down, ever. LOL Except with the changes in people around me. My littlest told his Dad and I that he can't stay little forever! Hope I don't bum you out. I am just laughing at myself!

  5. Welcome home Katy! There really is 'no place like home' is there? All you need are the ruby slippers... :) Fall is quickly approaching ~ we must take each beautiful day as it appears.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  6. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    Wow, for the music we could be twin-sisters... born on different places/times! Soon it will be me and the crickets; love that sentence too. Tonight after I'd baked two cakes and went to the compost bin (we recycle all veggie & fruit peels etc.)to trash some over-ripe figs and walked back in the quiet garden I could tell by the special cricket chorus that summer is ending! I recognize that noise; even though I try to ignore it at times; to push it off... for an extension. It is a reality though and not a bad one. Like you say, the warm light coming through the windows is inviting and makes for cozy evenings with friends or with a loved one... We're blessed for still having 'some' summer and for being able to look forward to a wonderful fall. March and September are two very special months...

    Greetings with thunder from Georgia,


  7. Congratulations on hitting 100 - how exciting. Here's hoping the back to school preparations go smootly

  8. I remember how hard it is to let go of summer when the kids went back to school. I did like the schedule though of school. Taking them to school and picking them up, taking them to soccer, music, etc. Those days are gone for me. It's just me and the crickets for a long time now. Although Alex is here for two more weeks, then off to his junior year of college abroad in Italy. You write beautifully Katy. I treasure your posts and congratulate you on 100 followers. xo Delores

  9. Dearest Katy, Oh, no, I do not wish to hold on to August! September is by far the nicer month and so much that closes down in the summer starts up again, particularly the music concerts in Budapest which I miss so much whilst everywhere is closed for the summer holidays. The café outdoor terraces are still there to be enjoyed in September but are made so much nicer by the absence of tourists.

    Dearest Katy, do not be wistful, look forward with joy at what, in my view, is the best month of the year!! What a party it can be with 100 Followers....and the technology will allow us to have whatever our hearts desire [virtually of course!].

  10. Hello Katy Noelle,
    That is a very nice post. I love it. I love its warm and "cosyness".
    September must be a superb month in your area and Indian summer is one of my dreams...
    The end of the summer has great charm : the sun is more lower, the light has changed, the morning are moist, the asters and autumnal daisies are blooming and in the woods the mushrooms are waiting to be picked... and they will be.

    I wish you and your kids a very nice back to school.

  11. Dear Katy,

    The fact that the children go to school again, the sun is rarely showing these days and the nights are getting chillier is making me a bit melancholic as well. However, I do love the mist in the morning, the quietness, pumpkin soup, chutneys and the candles burning once again. It's also the time to put bulbs into the ground. Something to look forward to very much. New life in spring!

    You asked me about my profession. I will email you. I hope that is ok? It is something I would love to keep for myself. What I would love to be, mmmmmm that is a difficult question! You know what it is with me (always has been) I really like everything. I would love to be a photographer, painter, interior decorator, journalist, gardener, writer, teacher etc. What I do know is that is has to be creative. A job I can throw my heart and enthusiam in! I also love working with people. In my current job I can luckiky have them both!

    Wishing you a happy day and good luck to your boys in their new year at school!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  12. Oh, I almost forgot: congratulations on your 100th followers!!!

  13. Hello Katy, your posts always leave me with a lovely warm feeling inside. I too am not looking forward to the start of school. But I am excited for the cosy days ahead, and Autumn oh how I love the Autumn.

    Bertie x

    HAPPY 100 X

  14. your blog is so beautiful, I wish I could write like you do. Can't believe your children go back to school so soon! September always feels like the 1st of january to me, everything starts again. Lovely photos as well.

  15. Gorgeous photos . . . . . . I love the one with the birds nest

  16. Hello, now you have 102 followers. Your blog is beautiful. Thank you.


  17. Your home is beautiful... and yes, there is nowhere quite like home, especially if you return to it after a while away.

  18. congratulations on your 100th followers. Yes I like September, it's a nice time of the year.My children are grown ups now it's diferent, but next week i will prepare my student son's my flat. I am no more preparing books and pencils , but a home!Catherine

  19. hi katy,

    i am so torn about summer ending. as much as i enjoy the lazy days, i am beginning to crave scheduling. as much as i love being at the beach, i am craving some cool air and long sleeves.

    now if i could just skip over the part where the boys get their hair cut for the first day of school. read: UGH!

    looking forward to your hobbit-style party. i need to plan something for my blogthday, which is coming up.

    happy weekend!


  20. Dear Katy Noelle!!!
    Another BEAUTIFUL post!!! You know what I love about your posts - you have this gift of giving your words SO much feeling!!!!! So I am NOT surprised in the least, that so many people love your blog! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Keeping it short today - but just needed to say this!!!!!!!




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