Monday, July 26, 2010

The summer has turned.

It is stretching towards late summer.

I am in such a mood. I don't know if I could even quite explain it.

I feel like we have begun the most elegant time of the year.

This is my most favorite season ~ it really doesn't have a name; although, "time to make a pie" is usually what comes out of my mouth,..... around this time of year.

I think that we've finally shed the anxious rush and fret of the school year.  We've quietened down. The violin songs of the crickets are contemplative but there is still time left ~ and light and warmth ~ for an adventure or two. Yet, home feels safe and cozy.

Perhaps it is the slant of the light and the fact that the sunlight is waning in strength - mellowing, yet, still strong. The brazen heat seems to have lessened. Summer is still, here, but she seems to have shed her glaring gaudiness - not being afraid of what we will think of her anymore. She's grown older - much more comfortable.

I am craving soft paisleys and thinking of elegant grays ~ mushrooms and ferns ~ eating outdoors in the soft glow of evening with candlelight ~ soft fluffy pillows to sink into with a good summer read ~ moths ~ luminous hollyhocks ~ wispy daydreaming.

Pottery Barn has read my mind perfectly! When I received their catalog, I shivered and sighed and settled down to a lovely reverie.

Come to think of it, one of my favorite issues of the "old Victoria" was the August 2001 issue. They knew exactly what I'm talking about! Just look.....

Photograph by Colleen Duffley

"The flood of summer light had begun to ebb. The air had grown mellow, the shadows were long upon the smooth, dense turf."

~ Henry James

 I am sure that we will have more hot and steamy summer weather. Still, the days are perceptibly shorter and, still, it doesn't change the fact that summer is waning and ever so lovely!


Katy Noelle


  1. I am sensing the waning summer too! The days are getting shorter.:( But, it is leading into my favorite time of the year...Fall!! I can't wait to blog through fall. How exciting!

  2. Katy, you have such a way with words. You captured my feeling exactly. I too am feeling like this is the peak of the entire year. I wish time could stand still right now. But for now, I'm looking forward to that Pottery Barn catalog. Looks like a good one!

  3. Dear Katy, Such melancholy thoughts and yet I do know what you mean. As summer moves towards a close there is, to a degree, a sense of relief for there is now no longer a possibility of its disappointing after all the previous months of anticipation and hope. For me, yet to come, are those cool, misty September mornings - the time of year I possibly prefer to all others.

    And, I wonder, what kind of pie is in your mind to be made? Have a lovely day.

  4. Dear-

    soooo beautiful photos- and they show, what you feel!

    Enjoy your feeling- and live it , as long as it´s there...

    I don´t like to be outside in the evening- then I am so tired- but maybe now in holidays it´s a bit better. I can sleep longer.

    A big hug, Dear-


  5. Dear Katy Noelle!!!

    How lovely, how beautifully written!!! I would love to life in that picture you painted in my mind RIGHT now - we seem to be in no-mans land at the moment here, weather is warm but that is lovely lights, cannot even say it feels like summer....and this morning we have puddles outside (haven't seen them for a looooong time!) My guess (well hope), in a month's time when we are getting to the end of August, we might just get that sort of atmosphere!!!! Looking forward to it.... late Summer - ahhhhhhh!!! (and then of course you are going to have those AMAZING colours to look forward to...!!! OH I AM looking forward to your pictures already!!!!)

    OHHHH, and Pottery Barn - NOT fair that they have not got shops over her (same goes for Williams Sonoma!).

    Have a beautiful day!!!!



  6. Good morning that is a lovely post. I too am glad that the weather has cooled a little in the UK. There is a possibility that it could get very hot again though!! I love September and October the best.

    I have read a lot about the Pottery Barn but we don't have them in the UK, which is a shame, but maybe not on the bank balance!!

    Have a good day, Jackie in UK.

  7. Beautifully written, soothing words, Katy Noëlle, and those photos are magical. Love those colours. I am not yet ready for summer to end though. Our summers are so up and down, I'm always happy to have some heat when it arrives. :)

  8. Hello Katy,
    It's always nice to visit your blog and find some SOULFOOD on it; some beautiful pictures, a poem, lovely stories! Thanks!
    It's nice to read about the summerfeeling, I ALSO feel the same here in Holland...Isn't that nice all over such a distance?
    greetings, Fleur

  9. I almost left without commenting. Want to know why? There are some blogs which inspire me so much, I rush to get something done in my own house. This is what happened with your post today. I logged off and then realised I hadn't left a comment. Thank you for the inspiration and lovely post. It was a delight to read. to do some pretty-ing... xx

  10. Beautiful pictures and thoughts-enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer!

  11. Dearest Katy,

    It is indeed such a beautiful time of year ~ one has to take advantage of all the lovely days but it makes it hard to keep up with our blogger friends! If only we lived close enough to each other to sit on a porch and have an iced tea and watch the world go by. mmm....

    Lovely lovely photos in this post.

    Have a most wonderful day friend!
    xo Catherine

  12. enjoy your summer laziness :)

    i love the mosaic with the web and the berries. lovely.

  13. Dear Katy Noelle,
    ...time to make a pie... that sounds so deliciously well!! :D
    We did have some very beautiful summerdays over here in Belgium, but the best still has to come, I guess. Most of the time it´s at the end of August, beginning of September that our time to make a pie will arrive :)
    Thank you very much for your always and ever encouraging words and moral support! I like your elegant style of writing things, very special and poetic indeed.
    All the best to you, I do enjoy the lovely pictures up here. Many warm greetings,

  14. Dear Katy,

    Such a beautiful post. You have such a way with words! Your stories read like a good book or a poem.

    I know the feeling you describe. I have been feeling the same lately. I even bought some candles for our garden today. We will be having a big family dinner in three weeks time and I think candles are definetely necessary as days are getting shorter in Holland as well!

    I notice the difference in the garden as well. Different plants are in bloom and the vegetables are maturing. It won't be long before we can harvest.

    But....I hope we will get some more of those lovely summer days, when we can walk barefoot, wear our summer dresses and enjoy the sun!

    Wish you a happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  15. Well good afternoon, sweet Katy! Your pictures are perfectly elegant. Oh my, they are stunning and your words ADORABLE!
    I always enJOY popping in your sweet little corner of the world. Months ago you wrote in a comment 'the children will ran up and down the hill while we enjoy a cup of tea while talking...' I always think of this sentence when visiting you. A picture comes to my head, it's always the same. LOVE IT!
    Hope your Tuesday is lovely so far, sweet Katy. I'm off to make myself another cup of evening tea. xxx

  16. While a blueberry pie with the fresh blueberries in my refrigerator would be the perfect thing on this late in the season summer day, I can't even imagine turning the oven on in my brick oven house. The pie, sigh, will have to wait - in the mean time - your lovely photos are a cooling influence in this scorching heat.

  17. Oh, Katy! Just lovely and a wonderful description of this time of year.

    So glad I stopped by your blog tonight.


  18. Hello Kathy...what a great blog you have.....and oh that sweet rabbit...and those puppies !!! tell me..are that yours???..........i come back soon....and i follow you now......please come to visit my blog...and maybe you wil follow me too...happy day.....hugs from me Ria

  19. beautiful post, katy!!! the photo of the book/bench is exquisite!

    i have some pottery barn catalogs from YEARS ago, saved for their inspiring pics. whenever i'm stumped about how to lay-out furniture, i open a PB catalog. it always helps.

    so fun to know that you are thinking of me while tackling home projects. hope to see posts 'n pics soon!

    tonight it was 'time to bake muffins' for me! :)


  20. Hurry hurry rush rush, Coffee here we come. I'm off to make one too, so will have a lovely coffee together! xxxx
    Happy painting, sweet friend. xx

  21. My dear lady, you have certainly put into words all that I'm feeling. Just beautiful (as always) Hugs! XO

  22. Oh, your blog is just beautiful!
    I am signing up to follow!
    Have a good night!


    Thank you SO much for your sweet comment just now....I AM sorry about the translator, very silly things it translates at times.....

    :) - My last post was just to say THANK YOU, have reached the 100 readers I asked people to leave a comment in order to enter my giveaway - and as a 'twist' I had asked them to 'build in' a ♥ symbol or use the word HEART.....

    My titel '♥-lichen Dank' should have said 'Herzlichen Dank', Herz means Heart and when we say 'Herzlichen Dank' it means Thank you form the heart (roughly translated, I am as bad as the translator...). We also say things like Herzliche Grüsse (greetings), Herzlichen Glückwunsch (congratulations) etc.... But, as I had thought about the BAD translator when I was writing it, all non German comments have gone into the hat anyway.....I had thougth the ♥s might have gone lost in translation somewhere.... Never mind!

    Have a LOVELY weekend -I am switching off again (the computer - 48 loooooong hours....)



  24. I've noticed a change in the light recently - the year seems to be turning. And I'm right there with you about the PB catalogues! I LOVE getting them in the mail. ::Jill

  25. "Time to make a pie" how perfect is that to describe it! What a great post!!!
    Have a pretty day!


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