Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yesterday, (Friday) was Mr. Tom's and my 16th wedding anniversary.


We had no desire for a hulaballoo. We just wanted a simple and quiet celebration.
We sent the kids up the hill to Grandma's house. I requested that, if Tom was going to buy me flowers, that he'd let me choose them.  I wound up with plants for my garden. (Yes! I think that I will, actually, have a real garden, soon.)

I wound up with a gorgeous blue hydrangea, a butterfly bush the size of a small tree, assorted end of the season perennials and a gloxinia.

I've never had a gloxinia before but, I was advised that they're similar to African violets in their needs. It's a silly thing but I've always wanted one.

Then, we went off shopping to find dinner. Easy-peasey!

Nothing fancy!

Nothing complicated!

No fussiness!

 We set a quick table on the front porch while the water was boiling....

Next to the stone path (with a glimpse of the stone wall that Tom toiled on all spring, into the summer), surrounded by the new grass that has sprung up this past week.

Our salad was so delicious. Just made of whatever caught our fancy. Baby spinach, glazed walnuts, crumbled Danish blue cheese, coconut and dried cranberries with a raspberry and merlot creamy vinaigrette. Yum!

(although, we have to admit that endive would have been absolutely the perfect thing with it!)

What was the water boiling for?

Why, lobster, of course. I LOVE living in New England! ~ Lobster, baked potato and tenderly sweet and juicy corn on the cob. ~ Everything is in season!

We enjoyed each other's company on a cool and dry evening that was just perfect - exactly like our wedding day!

As the sparkling evening turned into lengthening, cool shadows, into a deep blue twilight and the evening star came out, we sat and talked and laughed - enjoying it all. It sounds so poetic and romanticized but that is what we were blessed with.

It's the first time that we've eaten outside this summer because of all of the projects that we've had going on. We were so grateful!

.... so grateful ....

Truly yours,

Katy Noelle


  1. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    Congratulations for those 16 years + 1 day! Sounds like you found the secrets of true happiness, which often lies in the little details of everyday life.
    Wow, I also notice that you got 100 followers! Two mile stones in a row... You're blessed in many ways. Great that you can send the kids up the hill to Grandma and enjoy such a romantic intimate evening together!
    Guess what, I was pondering today, we've not even eaten on our balcony this year... For the same reason; way too busy! In only three more weeks my friend will arrive from The Netherlands with her husband and we'll drive to Canada together, where she has lots of kin-folks. Fun yes, but that means there is no time to play around now... It is at least soothing to read that one other person didn't dine outside, but once!

    Wishing you lots of ongoing happiness from Georgia,


  2. Happy Anniversary Katy Noelle !
    You both look gorgeous on the photos of wedding and what a beautiful romantic small table you prepared to celebrate this special day.
    I hope you will have many many other meals on your porch.
    In the summer we have our meals on the terrace almost every day. It is such a pleasure to listen to the birds and just watch the garden.

  3. Happy anniversary Kathy !! looks like you had a great day..........with your husbunny......happy weekend.....full of Ria...

  4. Darling Katy and Tomy- all my best wishes to your anniversary day!!!

    Katy- you´ve been such a beautiful bride- I love those photos! You look soooo proud and happy- wonderful!

    We are 18 years married in December :-) Always a special day - like for you both.

    Your photos are so romantic- you get a specialist! The light is beautiful.
    All looks so romantic- escpecially the table for two :-)
    Oh- poor lobster! I know- it tastes very good- but I only eat vegan food- mostly rare.

    I think, it was a very good day for you both!

    A big hug and a kiss, Sweetie-


  5. Ahh, it sounds perfect Katy. A very happy anniversary to you both. Oh that lobster looks so good! x

  6. Katy, what a lovely setting for a very special celebration! Happy 16th anniversary and may you be blessed with many, many more! Your wedding photographs are just beautiful!

    Have a great day!


  7. Dearest Katy, This all sounds absolutely wonderful and I am so pleased for you both. The lobster looked magnificent and, I am sure, tasted delicious - I do so enjoy these relatively simple meals but, alas, have no idea how to make a salad let alone cook a lobster!!

  8. Happy Anniversary Katy! Looks like a wonderful day and evening.

  9. Hi Katy,

    I kept your post for last, before I am off to bed. I am glad I did, because it's lovely and good dream material!

    Congratulations on your 16th wedding anniversary! I enjoyed scrolling through your wedding pictures. You look so young, sweet and beautiful! Mr Tom looks like a fine man too. I think he will be fashionable in Holland (because of his beard). It's very much 'in' right now :-)!

    I am so happy for you that your garden is becoming more and more the way you like it! Jan, my husband and I have been working in our garden yesterday, planting and replanting. I still have to learn a lot about plants, hot tall they grow and where you can best put them. Our front garden is a bit of a mess at the moment, but hopefully in about five to ten years our garden will be just the way we like it.

    Your table on the veranda looks lovely. Such a romantic setting, and the salade and the lobster........delicious!

    Wish you a happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Beautiful post, Katy Noelle! You have gorgeous photos both of your wedding day and your anniversary celebration. I can tell you are enjoying and doing well with your new camera!
    Hugs, Beth

  11. Happy Annivesary Katy! What a beautiful day.

    xo Catherine

  12. congratulations!!! sounds like a lovely initimate celebration. just the kind i like :)

  13. Dear Katy Noelle!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! 16 years -how wonderful!!!

    Enjoyed your 'old' pictures' - you both look SO happy!!!!!!!

    And what a wonderful way to celebrate! I don't think one always needs a big party, and after all it was about the 2 of you -so just spending the time together I think is terribly romantic!!!! Your pictures capture this beautifully!!! (And - on the non-romatic hand - I guess, Tom is used to you darting off to take a quick picture here and there :)!!!)

    Congratulations again and I wish you plenty more of happy years together!!!!!!!



    p.s Dreaming of a garden - isn't that a wonderful thing? I really enjoy it, I guess because it is do-able and only needs a little patience....

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  15. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm just catching up from vacation, but it looks like you had a wonderful evening. The setting on your porch is so beautiful! May you both have many more wonderful years together, with many blessings along the way. :)

  16. how lovely! what a wonderful way to celebrate and reflect on your love for one another!

  17. Dear Katy, Happy Belated Anniversary! Sorry to have missed several of your posts but I've been at the Purple Caravan and have no computer connection there. Will leave again tomorrow but I promise I'll catch up upon my return. I just have to say, you were such a LOVELY bride! Hope your Summer continues to be filled with peace and love. Hugs!!! XO

  18. Lovely table, lovely post, lovely couple--happy anniversary!


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