Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things to share and some fuzzy chicken butts! (I can't believe I just typed that!)

Things to share:

Number One

Today, I received my first plucked bouquet of the season from my boys.


I've received some single plucked dandelions, lately, but this was a full bunchy handful.


Number Two

On May Day, the 2nd through 4th graders at our local elementary school made spring baskets full of goodies and trimmed with ribbon, flowers and lace. Then they, including my Toby and David, took them around to the elderly in our little town.

I made sugar cookies. 


A lot of sugar cookies.


Number Three

I have a story to share.

A story about chicken butts.

Fuzzy, fluffy chicken butts!


You see, the girls already give themselves airs.


 If I called them chicken derrieres, they'd demand white glove service.

If some of you have wondered why I haven't posted about the hens for a good long while, it's because, for the past few months, they've been in a slow molt. This is the first year that we've ever actually had chickens of our very own and I've learned that they just look ghastly through the feather replacement process. It's actually been a bit depressing and I've decided to let them keep their delusions of dignity.

Just recently, however, I noticed that instead of looking like, well..... like plucked chickens, those bald spots have been filling in with fuzzy, fluffy new feathers.

It actually made me run in the house to get my camera, I was that excited for them!


They were so frilly before - like multi-layered petticoats.


 Now, they look more like an explosion of frizz!


Enough of those feathers have grown back in, at this point, that a few of them have been able to, again, fly over the fence to where the grass is greener. I had just noticed this rediscovered ability after the rain storm that we had a few days ago (in fact, the one from my last post.)

That afternoon, after the rain, as I was wandering around in a dream, taking pictures of glistening dew drops, I was completely unaware of the plight of Silly Chicken. I only discovered that she was missing when I counted only ten fowl in the coop that evening. We searched but couldn't find even a trace of her. We were so worried that the fox or weasel or coyote or hawk had gotten her!!!! It was when Farmer Tom had gone out to the mailbox the next morning that he was relieved to see her come clucking out into the lane from the lilac hedge where she had, apparently spent the night.

What we think happened is that, ...

With her new found fluff and freedom, when the windy squall at the front of the storm hit, she was blown completely off course to the other side of the house. (Just think of the scene in Mary Poppins when the Nannies are all blown away and, delete the nannies, and, insert one flapping Silly Chicken!) She found herself in completely unexplored and, hence, unknown territory. Lost and alone, she hunkered down in the hedge. In the morning,  even though she was completely disoriented and didn't have a clue where she was, she had regained her dignified air and Mr. Tom had to herd her back to the yard. She did seem extremely relieved to see the driveway again, though!


I cannot tell you how overjoyed we were to have her back! 


Silly, spoilt, well loved girl!


Well, that's what I have to share from my home.


Katy Noelle 

I am participating in My Romantic Home's  "Show and Tell Friday".

You should see the gorgeous roses growing over her arbour that she has shared. Wow!


  1. The flowers are gorgeous. But I loved the fuzzy chicken butts.

  2. Oh wow, I love your oh so cute kids also bring me bunches of flowers. Your chickens are really cute and the story made me giggle.
    Please stop by for a moment to say hi, I am new,

  3. Hi Katy,
    I love your chicken story. Poor little thing out there by herself all night! I bet she was glad to be home as well. And I love the flowers that your sweeties picked for you. My oldest does this for me too and it is just the most wonderful thing next to him drawing a picture for me.
    Love your blog, it's lovely!
    Have a great day.

  4. Hello Vermont! Marvelous fuzzy chicken butts (what else would you call them?) tee hee.

    Very envious of your lilac bouquet, my absoloute favourite this time of year, aahhhhhh. Mine are no where near flowering yet, but soon hopefully.

    Hope you have a sunny weekend,

    Sarah x

  5. HI KATY,

  6. Fun post...there's nothing like fuzzy chicken butts! I can't stop cracking up!

  7. Those hens are so cute! I wish I had a big enough yard for some! I love the flowers and the cookies too!!!

  8. Yes- it´s so full of love, when children come with flowers. The pleasure, they have- unbeatable.
    Your cookies look sooo delicious. Sad, that I can´t eat such things- I´d like to take the next plane for nibbling (I hope-that´s the right word, my translator give me for my german word "naschen"- it sounds funny *haha).
    You´re a good mum and you deserved the flowers :-)
    I love your sweet hens. They are so fleecy ! I love it, that you care for them like a mother- you are a wonderful person!

    Enjoy your day! I think, soon you´ll have a zoo :-)

    Love and hugs- Ines

  9. I so enjoyed your chicken tale! My father in law had chickens for a while and I grew to love them (never thought I would say that! The new feathers are lovely!

  10. Katy, I so love the scenery in your pictures, do you really live amongst all this? I love love your pictures and your whole blog for that matter, I am so glad you left me a comment so I could find your beautiful blog. Blessings, Marla

  11. Just love the lilac . . . . There's nothing more fabulous than a bunch of freshly picked lilac . . . I am still about 3 weeks away from mine flowering . . . . . Love Helen x

  12. Oh what a cute post! I love it that your kids made baskets for the elderly -- that is so sweet! Your bouquet is beautiful, and your chickens are hysterical... too funny!

    I see from the pic on your sidebar that you live in my dream house. Really! :) I look forward to coming back soon and reading more.

  13. Love your pretty bouquet and the chickens too. I agree with Mary it is so nice to make cookies for the elderly for your boys to deliver.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day,

  14. Hi, Katy,

    Thanks for stopping by Meadowsweet Cottage to smell my violets!

    I just love your hens, mine are still rapidly growing babies. My chicken post goes up tomorrow!


    p.s. so nice to find another chicken blogger :)

  15. I am so glad to hear that silly chicken came to no harm :0) they are beautiful, love their color! I so enjoy visiting you, one never knows what story or thoughts you'll be sharing. Happy Mother's Day my dear friend XX

  16. Katy, you were right! Pretty, vintage and shabby is my kind of girl with those hens and bunnies...and she loves caravans :) My dream is a teardrop trailer...someday!

  17. Love the fuzzy chicken butts, they are so cute! Found you from Pink Saturday, Happy Mother's Day!

  18. Who knew that chickens lost feathers and got back fuzzy chicken butts ~ I didn't! Well...they say that you should learn something new every day ~ so I guess I did! :)

    So glad your chicken made it home safe and sound! And your flowers are beaufiful!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend friend!
    xo Catherine


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