Friday, May 28, 2010

It's just a "thing"!

I got something!

I love it when other bloggers share what they've found at the recent car boot or flea market or fair or, even, when they acquire something that they've dreamed of for forever. Now that it comes down to my turn, though, I feel a bit silly.

Well, I think that there's something fun about hearing what others have found - something really captivating and happy. Treasure comes in all types and forms.

Then, there's just something about


We adore the antique road shows and the articles in magazines about great finds and deals 


we, ourselves, also love to share about it!

The problem with me is that approximately, absolutely everything that I have is a find of some sort. I really have to resist, when friends come over, going through the litany of what incredible deals they all were or where I found them, high up in the back of the top shelf,... especially when someone admires something. Does anyone else have this trouble, I wonder? 

Well, there are some kindly admiring friends that I suppose I should just say, "thank you!" to and, others, who I can totally spill the beans. (I have one friend who will know where I got it, how much it cost and will have considered buying it herself. We have an unorganized trade off! If I can't afford it, chances are, I'll wind up finding it in her house and vice-versa.)

Well, a funny thing happened with last week's "Show and Tell Friday" at My Romantic Home. Our hostess, Cindy showed lovely pictures of little vignettes around her home. Just that morning, I had seen something so similar to what she had displayed and I kindly asked her to cross her fingers for me that somehow, someway I could wind up with it.

It worked!
(Thanks, Cindy!)


(My camera really is on it's last leg!)


 I've always wanted a chandelier but it's never been an affordable option or really made any sense with my decor, alas! When I saw this, I thought that it was a brilliant solution. I've just never seen anything like it before. Best of all, it's movable. How versatile is that?

It's Shanon Crystal (Ireland) but it's made in eastern Europe and the sale price was incredibly low!!!

I decided that I had to set a table and do another "Show and Tell Friday"!

 The trouble was, I like to actually use the tables that I set but what to eat..... It was so hot on this day that it set the all time record by 10 degrees. I, personally, wasn't very hungry.

The only thing that I could think of for a menu was ice cream and water; so, that's what we had!

 Anyway, this is Memorial Day weekend, which is the official start of summer for us here in Vermont.

What better way to celebrate than with Gifford's black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream!!!




 I got this Ralph Lauren fabric for $3.00 a yard, too. Fun, fun, fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, happy Memorial Day and happy summer to you all!

Well, now, here is the link to Cindy's post from last week



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'll share the real deal with you.

At the end of the day, it's just a thing. "Things" don't feed our souls. BUT, it sure is fun to make things beautiful!



Katy Noelle


  1. Katie,
    What an absolutely lovely piece! It will be perfect to use year round, both in the day and evening. Also adore the Ralph Lauren fabric - we have lots of RL fabric in our home! So romantic, yet down to earth at the same time. Wishing you a beautiful weekend! xo Julie

  2. Oh, that last shot is a killer! Love the organic legs on that table with the juxtaposition of that extremely elegant chandy pointing toward the top of that window! Ya know, those are my dishes also, Coaching Scenes, and they look so good with a chady candlestick! Will have to consider hunting for one of those! It all looks gorgeous!

  3. Katie, what a beautiful and exquisite piece!! Love your dishes too, thanks for sharing such great photographs!

    Have a wonderful and happy weekend.


  4. Oh that is just jaw-dropping beautiful! Love it and things can add to the specialness of everyday life, enjoy!

  5. That's a beautiful little story and so true. I love your table setting. And the Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream looks wonderful!! Love the blue ticking you used as a table covering.

  6. Katy,

    Congratulations on such a stunning find! That candelabra is fantastic! I'm sure you were thrilled to find this...who wouldn't be? Your table look so pretty to, and chocolate chip rasberry ice cream...yum!

  7. Oh, you have such beautiful style! LOVE your new find -- so pretty!

  8. Your sparkly pretty thing is lovely. Unlike a chandelier, you get to move it wherever you want. I think you found a winner!

  9. Beautiful!! That is a wonderful find! On hot days I cream is sometimes the only thing that hits the spot! You have a beautiful blog, happy to follow along with you :)

  10. Katy, thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Which brings me to your blog. You have great taste adn a very interesting blog. I love your table setting, especailly the striped table cloth and the roses which look so good together.

    You must have an interesting life being a pastors wife. My great grandfather was a Minister in England.

    Have a great memorial day weekend.


  11. Now, THAT'S what I call a great find! How gorgeous!!! and like you said, it can be moved around, which makes it even better. Most of my "things" are also found almost by chance and at times in the curbside. Amazing to see what people discard! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend XX

  12. Hi, dear Katy-
    your new "thing" looks great. I have a similiar candlelight- but smaller. I have it since my childhood- I love such crystal things...
    Your table looks great!
    Enjoy your weekend- Hugs, Ines

  13. Katy ~ you always find the best treasures! So many lovely things you share with us. And I've never had black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream but oh my ~ it sounds heavenly!

    Best wishes for a wonderful Memorial Day long-weekend friend!
    xo Catherine

  14. Dear Katy Noelle!!!

    Lovely, lovely pictures (although you are saying your camera is on it's last legs...:)0....) Love your new 'thing', your beautiful table and pretty roses - and why should one NOT have ice cream in style????? Makes it taste even better, if that is possible!!! (That flavour sounds just heavenly!!!) And I am absolutely sure, you will get so much pleasure out of your new chandelier, so versatile and like you say, great that it is movable!!!! Love it and am VERY intrigued now by "Show and tell Friday'...will pay a visit.

    Wishing you all the very best for a fantastic Memorial Weekend and I love the fact that you have 'something' that marks the beginning of summer for you - I am not sure we have anything here.....

    Here is to a great summer!!!!

    With love


  15. Katy, you right about it being "just a thing". But sometimes "things" are what help us move forward, get over obstacles, and live/love our lives here on earth. This is such a wonderful post, you lifted me up today with your gorgeous candelabra. Your tablescape is perfect.

    So glad to meet you, you blog is beautiful. Looking forward to more of your lovely posts...

    Lamp Tramp

  16. Surely there is a law that says as an opera femme you should be surounded by crystal droplets at all times as IT'S THE LAW!

    I shall write Michelle Obama immediately, do you think she is on facebook?

    Happy Memorial Day, even though that sounds like a sad thing to me! What the Billy is Memorial Day any road up? Do tell....

    Sarah x

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous find! I love it and you set a table so well to showcase it. The ice cream looks great too! YUM!

  18. What lovely treasures, Katy Noelle. Your table scape is gorgeous. Beautiful! THat ice cream is straight from heaven, looking so so delicious. Beautiful, sweet colors in your cozy home, my friend. Love it! xx

  19. I have found it Katy!! You are right it's wonderful!! Love Helen xx


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