Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Dinner

My sister went to Italy two autumn's ago with my mom and dad. They spent a little bit of time toodling around Rome. Then, they spent a week in Florence and wound up by accident in the very hotel where A Room With a View was filmed.  .... I know! They didn't have a view, alas, but did visit the river Arno and Santa Croce and everything, basically that E.M. Forster's heroine explored whilst there on her Romantic journey.

My sister, however, does not play Beethoven. She cooks! After Florence, my mom, dad and sister went down to Tuscany and spent some heavenly days touring vineyards and attending a cooking school at the "new" 17th century farmhouse where they were staying.

We, poor souls who were left behind, have reaped the benefits several times, now!!!!

On Sunday, she made a lovely dinner for us.

On the menu was

Cream of Asparagus soup with a dill garnish

Three cheese tortellini tossed with sauteed cherry tomato and basil

lemon ice

Frenched rack of lamb on a bed of mashed garlic red potatoes
with a side of grilled corn and red pepper infused with rosemary
and a port reduction sauce.

Panna cotta
(a vanilla cooked cream - yum!)

It was a lovely and meandering time. The Italian way is to linger over meals!


Present, were, my mom and dad, Mr. Tom, my 3 boys, my mother in law and her mother (great grandma), my sister and a very good friend of ours, Jillian. There were four mothers in all.


I used the Gien faience ware (the pattern is Lorraine Vert) that were given to us for our wedding. The lace table cloth (also, a wedding gift) that my Grandma gave us, is like the one that she used, time out of mind, for special occasions on her tables.




It was a light infused day. Passing clouds and and a few showers - the kind that splash raindrops on the window. My favorite!

It was hard to take a clear picture of this light soaked room. The hedge of blousy lilacs were glowing through the windows and bouncing in the puffing breeze. The cotton ball clouds and the blue, blue sky that were reflecting in the diamondlike pond, the glistening new green of the grass on the hill and those lilacs were all reflecting in the glass on the table and the china cabinet and the glass door to the kitchen - everywhere, it seemed.

Look at how the table is awash in gentle light. Sigh!







 Being able to set a lovely table was like a gift in itself. I am so glad to know that I'm not alone in this world and that there are others who are addicted to dishes and are happy, happy, happy when setting a table.


I am linking to Tablescape Thursday at

She has a lovely beach themed table set on her cozy porch; so, if you're dreaming of summer......ahhhhhhh!

It's a bit like a rummage sale. Look, here are my favorite finds:

You can hop on over and take a look - if you like rummage sales too! It's a vaaaary elegant rummage sale!


Show and Tell Friday at

Absolutely, goodness graciousness! You ought to see her lovely lace pillows! (and she has the most wonderful "lantern" with a nest and eggs in it - I think that was my favorite part but, it was kind of hard to pick what was prettiest in her lovely rooms.) Her show and tell is so fresh!

Wishing you the same lightness and brightness and loveliness in your life in whatever form is precious to you.

Love, Katy Noelle xo

P.S. For those of you who are regular friends who visit me in the sunny spot, please don't miss my last post. It wasn't even up for 24 hours. I think that everyone should know about Victoria Magazine and should have a chance to know about Nancy Lindemeyer's blog.  ~Thanks


  1. Katy ~ that is such a beautiful table setting! And your photos are wonderful ~ the light dreamy! I am thinking that sitting around that table with friends and loved ones eating a delicious meal in that inviting light would make any meal taste all that more yummy! So lovely!

    re: Comment on my "Bird Update" post ~ That is so wonderful you took that bird to the 'bird lady' ~ what a trip! We humans do so much to harm nature that I think anything we can do to help nature, helps with the karma! :)

    Have a lovely evening Katy!
    xo Catherine

  2. Beautiful setting, it sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! My favorite thing is the lace tablecloth and you captured the gentle light really well!

  3. what a lovely, lovely table. i adore the lilacs. what a delicious menu. sounds like a great day!


  4. Your table is awash wigh such beautiful soft colors -- it sure looks like a table I would love to linger over.

  5. What a beautifully romantic table! I love all the blues and lavenders. Those lilacs are gorgeous! And I love your wedding china, too, and the pretty tablecloth your grandmother gave you. The whole tablescape is lovely.

    And how great that you got to benefit from the cooking classes they took in Italy! That sounds wonderful, and I can easily see how you could relax at the table and enjoy the ambiance of this setting because I enjoyed the photos so much. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  6. What a lovely table and wonderful post. Your lavendar looks so pretty in the light. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Very pretty table! I bet everyone just loved it! And your menu sounds yummy!

  8. Hi Katy Noelle,
    So nice to discover your blog. Thanks for following me as well. I poured over this post. The light coming through on the table, your dishes and lilacs (mine are done) in the vase are just gorgeous. You describe everything so eloquently, and I am now even more excited to visit Florence in the Fall when No. 2 Son studies abroad. You have a beautiful blog.

  9. What a beautiful table setting! I have always dreamed of going to Italy and taking cooking lessons! How fortunate for your sister...and you...The menu sounds like it came from a five star restaraunt. I hope you had a great mother's day.. Terri

  10. Any leftovers perhaps?!! Mind you, you;d have to send the table too for the right effect!! LOL! Absolutely beautiful! Cx

  11. A lovely tablescape. I adore the lilac and the faience from Gien. The patten reminds me very much of similiar one by Luneville.

  12. hello again,

    thank you so very much for the lovely comment you left at my guest post. i am just overwhelmed at what you wrote. it means so much to me and i will treasure it always (and no pun intended).

    thank you again!


  13. I've probably said many times before, but here it goes again: you have a lovely home. That table was perfect for a magazine! and that angel, I just love it!!! XXX

  14. My dear-
    what a wonderful table! I am in love with these colours and in my next post I am sure, you wil laugh- I have nearly the same tablecloth from my grandma. I love these both lilac eggs- what is it? It looks great!
    A fantastic dinner- so much to eat- an 4 mothers at the table- full of love!
    I send you all my loving wishes- I feel ill since yesterday- so I am late for a comment- but its from the bottom of my heart :-)

    Hugs- Ines

  15. What a beautiful table! Just gorgeous! Love the lilacs with the centerpiece and the dishes. Your images of your home in the sidebar are stunning. So nice to meet you!

  16. Hi Kathy Noelle,

    Just a quick note to say hi. Haven't read the text yet, but only looked (with an open mouth) are your table..... So beautiful!!! Will be back soon to catch up! Hope you had a lovely mothers day.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  17. Such a lovely table in all of it's lavenders and greens!! It is so pretty! I adore all the detail and your grandmother's tablecloth is splendid! I know without a doubt that your Mother's Day dinner was just as tasty here as it would have been in Tuscany. A beautiful post, Katy!


  18. Hi, Katy! Dropping by to say, yes, I did read every word of your comments to me, and I appreciate every single word! :-)

    Sorry you've had cold weather. It was 80+ degrees here today. So summer is upon us. I fell down a flight of stairs and landed on brick and concrete a little earlier, so I might be holed up inside for a few days. Grace in action! ;-)

    I looked at your beautiful table again, and I love it just as much this time around. It's amazing. Those colors! Those luscious colors!

    Also just read that you're an opera singer. Soprano? Alto? One of my good friends is a mezzo, and her favorite opera is "Carmen." She makes a pretty sassy one, too! I'm a fan.


    Sheila :-)

  19. You did set a pretty table and photographed it well! I love the lilacs -oh, and can I borrow your sister?


  20. So lovely! I can feel how much it meant to you!

    What a trip to Italy!

    Thank-you for sharing a moment in life!

    love, kelee

  21. Lovely! What a pretty table! Love it!


  22. Beautiful table, and I bet your day was very special!Renee

  23. Lovely table...your china is gorgeous. I can almost smell your beautiful lilacs!

  24. Hi Katy Noelle,
    What a pretty and romantic table setting. I love the lilacs and the beautiful dishes. I have the same tablecloth and haven't used it for ages, thanks for reminding me to take it out and give it some air!
    The menu sounds delicious. What good fortune to be able to share in such wonderful food!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  25. Katy, I'm so happy you stopped by HFTS to visit because now I've found you. Your table is very beautiful. The lilacs surrounding the candle are lovely, and the dishes are charming. Thank you for sharing this beautiful table.

  26. The colors here are just fabulous--what a beautiful table!!!
    And how wonderful to have your sister cook....and especially after being inspired by that Italian trip!!!

    Hugs, Lana

  27. I just bought a large glass vase like the one you have as your centerpiece. I am inspired to try the white pillar and lilacs inside like the gorgeous display you created! Your table is so pretty! I love the white lace tablecloth and the china! The pic with the sun streaming on to the table is magnificent!


  28. What a beautiful table and such sweet memories...and what a wonderful menu.

  29. What an absolutely beautiful table! I know you had fun setting it for the special family meal, and I'm sure all the mothers loved it! Your china is gorgeous -- a new pattern to me -- and the lavender touches worked so well with your lilacs!

  30. Your table looks stunning! Nicely done!


  31. The stemware and china are so beautiful! Love the lilac centerpiece too!

  32. oh my.. what a lovely setting! wish I could join you and enjoy the beauty of this setting..

  33. heart is going pitter pat.

  34. Katy, what an absolute gorgeous table. The colors! Those Lilacs! The candlelight glow. Stunning. I agree with my friend Laura, swoon. xo Lidy

  35. Hi Katy, You are right my home will feature in the American version of, "The English Home" magazine next month. Your lilac pictures are beautiful,
    Love Helen xx

  36. How beautiful and romantic everything looks.

  37. What a wonderful tablescape. I love lilacs.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  38. Absolutely fabulously gorgeous! Loved loved loved it. Excellent job.

  39. Oh what a lovely table!!! And that menu sounds divine. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Katy,

    This is dreamy! The centerpiece is absolutely stunning! There is something so calming about lavender. I really like your place card settings to! It's all so pretty!

  42. p/s I just added you to my sidebar so I won't miss your posts! Love your sweet blog!

  43. I am finally getting around to seeing all the TT postings & yours is absolutely LOVELY, Katy! I adore your lace tablecloth & the lilacs & the china & your pretty lavender napkins. All put together so beautifully.
    I ♥ the way your write (you ARE a romantic!) & just became a follower so I don't miss any more of your wonderful posts.
    Now to spend the next hour going back over some old ones. Must get a hot cuppa tea first! LOL


  44. I love the plates with your goblets. They're adorable. I love roses therefore, this the reason I would die to get a set of those gorgeous treasures of yours.

    Happy week ahead.

  45. Very pretty and I do believe I can smell the lilacs!

  46. Wow, Katy, the lilacs are amazing! I just love, love they way you have displayed them. Love the large vase and the candle with the lilacs. Thank you for telling me and letting me see. I so want to copy this... all I need is such a large vase now!


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