Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blogging is chronicling the little every day joys and events that would otherwise be forgotten like water under a bridge.

Blogging is like having a friend over to your house for an afternoon tea or in the morning, around your kitchen table with a cup of coffee. We put everything together ~ clean up ~ and, then, daydream and laugh and inspire each other!


  1. Hi Katy. Lovely to see your little chicks in the earlier post. So behind on blog reading!! x

  2. Well said. I'll try to remember that when someone asks all snarky-like "why are you blogging? I thought you were a private person." Some people don't get it. I love your blog BTW!

  3. What a sweet, thoughtful and true sentiment.

  4. Dear Katy Noelle!!!

    You are so right! AND quick - I still 'owe' you an answer from my last post...;) I know, but I do like to respond and like you say, one would worry if there were no commetns.... Sometimes it is a bit tricky to keep up with it all...

    Really enjoyed your post and it brought back memories - thank you!! - years ago (no really, I am talking 1995!) - a friend and I toured New England and LOVED it! Well, we visited one of those living museums, I forget the name, but it was the Pilgrims and the red Indians - and never having been to anything like it, we actually had to ask in the souvenir shop later, we begun to feel uneasy about entering peoples homes - it felt SO real - and we really weren't sure, if it was or not - SO well done! SO, thank you for sharing and I DID enjoy your pictures -sorry to hear about your camera though! On becomes dependent, I find....!

    Have a lovely day and kindest regards!



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