Tuesday, May 4, 2010

After The Rain

I just wish that you could see and hear and feel what I do, this evening.

Here, this might help a little.
(but, just to prepare you, if you click on any of the pictures, the music will be interrupted.)
(For my friends on the European continent: I am learning that you may not be able to play this music. I am so sorry! If you are interested, it is Eric Satie's "Trois Gymnopedies".)

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Listen to it for this moment. It is gentle and peaceful - just like it is after the rain. You must slow down and rest in the precious stillness of it.

Cool crisp air and every bird's song imaginable echoing everywhere.

Diamonds shimmering everywhere.



Raindrops lined up like buttons.


A spectacular sky.

First dark, then bright, then dark and cool again.

  Misty hills in the distance.


And the wetness of the rain bringing out the colors of everything - making the view rich.

It's a moment of sharpened senses.


Nothing could describe or translate the apple trees in full blossom, shimmering with the heavy remnant of rain drops! 




Katy Noelle 

P. S. Why not stop and listen longer? It will only take a moment. This music can clear your head and make you feel just like the world is after the rain. =]


Madelief is right. The spring peepers (from the last post) do make it sound like this is a jungle when it's warm. That day was the heavy expectancy of the storm that didn't really come until today. This evening, it is cool and refreshed - there are only a few spring peepers chirruping. They do sound like crickets, except, instead of playing violins, they play flutes. A whole , expansive, heavenly chorus of flutes.



  1. Hi, dear Katy-

    your text is sooo full of love and gratitude. The pictures are really wonderful. Yes- little diamonds on the leaves - that fits...

    At the moment we have daily rain- and when I run through the nature in the evening- I enjoy it :-)

    It´s sad- but nothing happens, when I click on the player...

    And I wanna say thank your for the translator :-) Can you tell me the name of the white flower under the translator? I love this flower and I don´t know it name...

    Enjoy your day- I hope Halle and the puppies are well and you, too.

    Love and hugs- Ines

  2. Hmmmm.... the player is working for me. I'll investigate! The flower is a ranunculus. (I can't figure out how to spell it exactly, sorry.)

  3. Where's Edith when you need her ...??? =]

  4. Well...no need for a therapist today! all therapy received here :o)
    Enjoy your day! Cx

  5. beautiful pictures and beautiful music...what else do we need.....
    It always smells so nice outside after the rain...
    I also like the springpeepers....we don't have them here I think...just ordinary green frogs...
    but also nice to hear...
    greetings from Fleur

  6. Beautiful pictures and nice atmosphere, but i could not listen to Erick Satie ( on french blogs we can't always listen to Us music on your blogs) but i know it and will listen anyway! thanks for sharing .Catherine

  7. My dearest Katy,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words on my blog today ~ you made my heart swell! Perhaps even my head a bit too! :) I am so pleased you found me again ~ yes indeed ~ I have been following you for awhile - hiding in the middle of row 3! And thank you so much for following me! You are so right ~ there are so many fun and beaufitul blogs out there and it's hard to keep up on all of them ~ the Dashboard is a wonderful tool for sure.

    I too have always been interested in photography. I've never had any lessons ~ but just lots of practicing! And having a digital camera helps as you then don't have to develop all your mistakes ~ ha! I hope you get your birthday wish of a new camera ~ have you got one picked out? You have some pretty wonderful photos as well so you must be doing something right even if you do have a 'broken down thing' of a camera! :)

    As I look above at your other commenters I see that I am 'Catherine' number 3 ~ how funny!

    I hope you had a wonderful day ~ we will chat again soon!
    xo Catherine

  8. My love- I got it :-))) and I could listen the music to this wonderful video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atejQh9cXWI
    In my head I had the diamond leaves of Vermont and I imagined, that I sit beside you an your little pianobank and I am listen to this wonderful music, you play for me... Mr. Tom and your lovely sons sit on the sofa and the chair and love her mum :-))

    Thank you- I knew this melody before, but I didn´t know the artist... an inspiration- I love such tender music... and it fits sooo great to your pictures.

    Thank you also for the name of the flower. In Germany we call it "Ranunkel" and now I can go to the gardencenter and ask for it... it´s like a little rose- sooooooo pretty!

    Enjoy your day- I think of you and I will listen to that music much more at this day!

    Hugs- Ines

  9. I can't believe this! I had always loved that tune and had never learned it's name, and all of the sudden, here you have it! Hope you won't mind but I will be adding it to my Playlist :0) There is such peace and serenity in that music, the perfect background to your wonderful photos and descriptions of Vermont in the Springtime. Thank you for stopping by my Blog and leaving such beautiful sentiment. It really made my day XX


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