Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dancing on Tippy Toes!

Wow! I've had so many sunny moments this week that it's just spilling out of me.
(I've, also, had a few cloudy ones but that's okay!)

If you love chocolate, fabric, a dash of literature and/or architecture, this is the post for you!

(I have quite a few photos, though; so, you'd better do some scrolly finger stretches and warm ups!!! =])

What we need to do here is to focus for just a short moment on the word:


The online thesaurus succinctly defines it as bliss.

Got it in your mind? Okay ......

I went out this week! Thursday.

My mom is here, visiting from California. (I think that it was really the puppies that drew her and my dad out here.)

We went for an adventure. An indulgent adventure.

 This is the entrance to L.A. Burdick's and that pod hanging over the sign is a representation of a cocoa bean. This bodes well, no?!

Ecstasy = beatitude, blessedness, elation, felicity

 I love going to lunch (or dinner) at Burdick's!


It's charming!


 They have delicious gourmet cuisine and they have....




 My mom and I shared the fourth special down - the Flounder Meuniere.

 Before the flounder, however, we had a salad that I've been dreaming about for 5 months (since the last time I had it, in fact)!

Warm Goat Cheese Salad with endive, watercress, walnuts and a honey drizzle.


That little fried ball is the herbal goat cheese. It is light as a feather with subtle melting flavors that are in perfect complement with the peppery greens and the honey drizzle.

Absolutely incredible!

 After the flounder, we, um, well, what do you think?

We had dessert, of course!

Which one would you pick?


 We got the opera cake.


The opera cake is espresso soaked sponge cake layered with a coffee butter cream, topped with chocolate glaze.

Their decor is both romantic and whimsical and practical (open shelving) at the very same time.


 They have multitudes of wall sconces and chandeliers and very few of them match ~ I love it!

This one was over my mom's shoulder.

Your might just notice the picture of the two sweet mice below it. This is because of something that was on the other side of this very wall.

 They sell these signature chocolate mice....

Extreme gladness! these boxes....

 ....on this counter....

 this very pretty shop girl....

 In this amazing chocolate store.
(obviously, selling chocolate - not made of)



 All of this is in the very quaint village of Walpole, New Hampshire.

I really like this Greek Revival style house with a Georgian style door frame for some reason. The color and moldings, perhaps?
(but not the best photo of it. I wish that the front door was closed.)

It's right across the street from Burdick's.


This gorgeous  Italianate is next door.

A federal house with a Queen Anne porch.

You just might want to click in to get a closer view at the details.

This house made my heart thump as we drove near to it because of the history attached to it. It was owned by Louisa May Alcott's aunt. (Authoress of Little Woman and my coming of age book, Eight Cousins. She had a huge impact on who I am.) The summer(s?) she spent here made a huge impact on her life. It was a very precious, favorite and formative time in her life! It turned up in her stories in different guises as the happy, healthy place where all is well and people grow strong.

Another Georgian style house.

Then, we went to the Keene Mill End fabric store (now known as New England Fabrics). Being there is like floating in a cloud of gorgeous pattern and fabric. The way they display their wares is really a work of art!

7th heaven








I'll be back for the brown floral in the middle (above) and the puffy stripe in the middle (below).

What do you think I should make out of them?

parachutes, perhaps?


Yes! Felicity!

I did find some fabric on sale and then, WE WENT TO THE BOOKSTORE!

Life just doesn't get any better than THAT!

(well, you know what I mean!)


(I think that I'll use the fabric for a table cloth.)

When we came back, even the steeple of our church looked like a tower on a fairytale french castle.


My eyes are swimming with .... happiness!

Enstasy means to 'stand inside the self'; ecstasy means 'to stand outside the ordinary self'.

Best of all, are friends that listen to you twaddle on about the wonderful day you had!

Thanks, Friends!


Katy Noelle xo


  1. twaddle on!

    delicious post. thank you for sharing every savory detail. looks like a perfect day.


  2. :-)) Oh Katy- you´re really a sweettooth! I am glad, that I can´t eat such things- my hips would be round and round and round... like the beecake *haha
    I can believe, that it´s wonderful to spend time with your Mum! And it´s great, that you had such a lucky day together!
    The pictures are really great! The buildings are so lovely- I like that old style so much!
    I wish, that I could snap with the fingers and be with you there for one day :-)
    Thank you for this wonderful photo-trip- I love it!

    Have a wonderful sunny day!

    Love, Ines

  3. I so enjoy your twaddle!!! Keep it coming!
    That looks like the kind if day out I would enjoy!

  4. You couldn't have chosen better words to describe all that...bliss! Perfect setting for a perfect day XX

  5. LURRRRRRRRRRRVE the chocolate beehive . . . . Chocolate beehives are my one weakness! Oh they don't have anything like that in England . . . . . Love Helen xx

  6. Dear Katy Noelle,

    I can feel the happiness burst from the screen out of your words and pictures. What a lovely day you must have had with your mum. I enjoyed your tour through Wapole and the chocolate shop very much :-)! It made me wonder how your teamroom must have been?

    The shop with all the fabric is very pretty too. Glad you found some pretty fabric. I am still working on an apron out of vintage fabric (left overs from my girls dresses) at the moment. I am very happy with the result! It looks so cheerful and bright. Maybe you can make an apron out of it as well?!

    Your post made me think too. You and me are very much alike. Today I was just much sweet people I have met this week and such beautiful things I have seen.....Sometimes it makes my heart flow over......

    Hope your new week will be just as happy!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. Pure deliciousness Katie Noelle. Those fabrics are awesome. Loved all your images today, off to look at them a second time... Do have a great new week, sweet friend. xxooxx

  8. Oh my goodness me: what an utterly scrumptious post just jam packed with all things delicious. I just love been taken around someone elses glorious day!

    Thank you, this post was a joy.x

  9. That goat cheese and salad dish looks phenomenal. A wonderful chronicle of events.

  10. Katy, what a fun day! When you said...

    "If you love chocolate, fabric, a dash of literature and/or architecture, this is the post for you!"

    You weren't kidding! I love it ALL! What a great town, and that food... YUM! And the houses are very neat.

    I do genealogy research, and one thing a distant cousin of mine discovered is that one of our mutual ancestors owned the land where Orchard House is located, and the dining room and kitchen of Orchard House was part of the original colonial home that belonged to this ancestor. I was so excited I nearly popped! I adore LITTLE WOMEN, both the book and the movie in all of its incarnations. BIG LMA fan!

    So you are a lyric coloratura. WOW! That's so neat. If you ever sing in Florida, please let me know, and I will be sure and make every effort to be there.


    Sheila :-)

  11. Oh my...the pics of all of the chocolate makes me hungry and it's only 8:00 am! Beautiful pics Katy and what a beautiful day for you! The beehive was amazing...all chocolate? Have a great day. Terri


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