Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Sunny News

I just have a bunch of sunny news to share with you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For those of you who have been following along and know about our weeping cherry tree and George the beaver, Mr. Tom very much surprised me with a new tree for Mother's Day.

Hopefully, this one is beaver proof!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For those of you who have been wondering how the stone wall and gardening are going,


The stone wall is almost done.

Then we'll see about dirt.

I'm afraid that if you're holding your breath to see how my garden is going, you're going to turn blue and keel over!


Tom had the brilliant idea to build a little "secret" set of stone stairs through the lilacs so that we could get to that part of the lawn more easily. This will be magic when my huge row of delphiniums (which are only a dream at the moment) are there.


Ummmm, yes, we will be trimming the hedge a bit so that we can get through.

I may not have a garden yet but

I do have some pansies!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other sunny news, Chubb Jr. the puppy (who takes after Chubb, his father) has developed a permanent cow lick on his forehead.





Oops! How did those pictures get in there????

(Yup! It's a good time to have puppies. They can finish this floor off!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It occurred to me that, in the list of magical things that my Mom exposed me to, from my last post, I forgot to include the fact that she instilled in me a love of playing Scrabble. She's pretty impossible to beat. One time, I got 350 points with one word.

(QUIZZING in the lower right hand corner. It was a double triple word and the Z was on the double letter. Also, somehow, it finished out a word AND I had used all of my letters and, hence, had gotten an extra 50 points.)

It may amaze you to know that she turned right around and matched my 350 points. She's really something!

I was aware, however, that Mother's Day is, also, painful or empty or sore for some. It made me think of two wonderful posts that were featured in Nancy Lindemeyer's blog. I think that there are a few people who "follow" me who may not know about her and really should. She was the founder and editor in chief of Victoria Magazine. The original Victoria Magazine began in 1987 and continued until around 2005ish. (There is a current resurrected version that, while pleasant, is really just not the same.)

I've been "wringing my hands" all day trying to think of a way to succinctly describe this amazing phenomenon that was in the form of a periodical. I just cannot do it at the moment. It's too big in my mind, right now. If anyone would love to have a go at describing it in the comment area, please feel very free to do so.

Let's just put it this way. It wasn't all about pink and lace. (Although the most gorgeous pinks and ethereal lace were featured now and then.) I decided to take a picture of it to at least give a little feel of what it was like.


I thought that I would just kind of put a plant and a cup of tea with it. Before I knew it, however, I had rearranged my side table. I love it and am now going to subject you to a few photos.

~ ~ ~

Some of you will, also, remember awayyyy back when, I bought the 9 cranberry colored glasses.


we had an extra glass out on the counter during our Mother's Day dinner. It's original purpose was to hold lemon ice to cleanse our palettes. (yes, ooh la la! Lovely!) It wound up holding extra lilacs and was desperately pretty.

It's another case of serendipity!


Arrangements and table settings always hold a fascination for me. I feel sometimes as if I'm looking into a miniature landscape. It seems as if the table is a whole tiny world that I long to shrink into and explore or hide in.


Ooooooooo! Look! My cup of tea!!


Okay, thank you for putting up with my happy silliness.

If you click on this photo, you will be able to read the headlines and see the cover more clearly. This might give you a sense for some of the genre and high standard of this publication.



It was definitely geared towards women but my husband enjoys looking at the places and architecture and furniture and, well, frankly, the magazine was fascinating and varied.


Anyhoo, the point of all this is to point you to those two wonderfully touching and heart warming posts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Goodness, I have more very amazing news to share with you but it's already quite late and my pillow is calling to me!!!

It will keep for a few more days. ( =} )

Tomorrow, I want to share with you some of the pictures from our Mother's Day dinner.

I mean, you know me and china .......

(er, if you don't, you're about to find out!)


Good night! Sleep tight!

... else,

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Love, Katy Noelle xo


  1. You did have lots of sunny news! Glad you got your weeping cherry tree, looks great already. Speaking of great, the steps are fabulous! They look so romantic and will look even better once the garden is in full force.
    Now, speaking about Victoria, one could fill pages and pages and it would never be enough to describe the feelings it provoked. I discovered the magazine years ago. My daughter was sick suffering from asthma and while I waited for the prescription I walked over to the magazine aisle and there it was...love at first sight. I can honestly tell you it was almost like therapy. I used to stalk the store wanting to be the first one to get it. I needed that beauty, I could not wait to read those words. The entire thing was a work of art. I still remember when Nancy left and they changed the cover into a "contemporary and easy to read style" Dreadful! I mourned for months, it was a great loss. I kept going back to all the issues I had kept (and still keep) and found that the magic never faded. Luckily, it's "sort" of back, but without Nancy the unique luster is missing. Reading Victoria was like being part of a "cult" a member of a special privileged club. Thank you for the memories and I'm sorry to have written so much. Just blame it on Victoria :0) XX

  2. How thoughtful of your Hubby to get another tree! ...and one can never see too many puppy pics!

  3. I love that little spot you created to enjoy your tea and my favorite magazine. Your garden plans sound beautiful as well-I love delpheniums too.
    The photo of your son with the puppy is so cute.


  4. That basket of puppies is just too much! How can you get anything done in a day? I would be down on the floor playing with them all day!

    I can't play scrabble ~ I am a horrible speller! :( I love you photo of your cup of tea and your beautiful magazine ~ my idea of relaxing.

    Hope you have a Happy Day Katy!

    xo Catherine

  5. Katy Noelle: How wonderful - a new weeping cherry! How beautiful they are in the early spring - this will be the gift that keeps on giving! Just wanted you to know also, how I'm enjoying your puppy picture postings - they are growing so fast and are just adorable...Cassandra ♥

  6. I just love your pictures! So pretty!

    I love Scrabble too! Mind you, it's like Jekyll and Hyde...it's the only game in which I am vaguely competitive!! LOL!!


  7. Oh, Katy- the little puppies are soooo lovely! I am glad, that they feel good and grow up with love in your family :-)

    I love your little table! A ingenious decoration! I love these colors, too! And I love it to drink tea and read such magazines!

    Thank you for showing all your news! Oh- I musn´t forget this little tree! A great present! Really! I hope- it will grow up without any loving teeth *haha

    Hugs- Ines

  8. Hi Katy,

    Nice to meet you! I just became one of your latest followers. First, your boys are adorable!
    Congrats on having one of the hardest jobs there is, being a mom. The puppies are just adorable. If you lived closer, I would take one off your hands! The bunnies are just darling. Oh ,my that little brown one is just too cuuute! We had a couple of them, and they have passed away. We are thinking of getting another one. What kind of bunny is that little brown one? The two girl bunnies we had, used to fight we each other. You are lucky they get along. They have such personalities don't they. Almost like puppies. Ours would lie with us and snuggle too. We miss them so. Please come by and say hello. I will come again to visit.


  9. Being French, I've never learned of the Victoria mag but reading your beautiful post made me want to browse it.
    The corner with your little table is cosy and charming and perfect for a cup of tea.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my artwork.
    I with you a very nice weekend.


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