Sunday, March 7, 2010

Please come!

The online dictionary defines cordially essentially like this:



      1. courteous and gracious; friendly; warm
      2. invigorating the heart; stimulating
      3. sincere, heartfelt
      4. archaic - of or pertaining to the heart


      1. affectionate, genial
      2. cheering


      late 14 c., original sense of the noun was "medicine, food or drink that stimulates the heart;" adj. meaning "heartfelt, from the heart" is late 15 c.

at one point in the 1500s, it took on a meaning akin to heartily.

I've been giving a mid winter tea for the ladies in our church for several years now (maybe 5 or 6). The last two years, though, circumstances intervened and I haven't been able to do it. This is the first year that I'll be hosting it in our new home here on the hill. Oh, I'm soooo excited!

The purpose of the tea is to grow relationships and to make new ones, to have a spot of light in the middle of winter (we call it a lamppost), to laugh and, I have to truthfully admit that it's a chance for me to set lots of beautiful tables and to use my china! My goal is that we will meet in a shimmering (shakaina) cocoon and take time to appreciate the light in each other's eyes and hearts. 

It's a labor of love.

I, of course, wish that everyone could come!

Then, why is it that I didn't want to let go of my beautiful pile of satiny colored, hand laced invitations?

The date is the 20th of March. Just a little under two weeks away.

I'll be keeping you posted with how it's coming along.

Affectionately (always sincerely from the heart when it's from me),

Katy Noelle  xo

P.S. I'm still tweaking the look of the "Sunny Spot" so don't get settled in.


  1. Darling, afternoon tea served in your new home, to your good friends, using your lovely china over countless pots of tea, what a delightful way to spend an afternoon. I look forward to it.

    Love & Hugs

  2. Katy, what a beautiful way to spend time with friends! Love the invitations xx

  3. Ooooooh I lurrrrrrve afternoon tea!!

  4. I love this idea! What a great way to spend some time with friends. Look forward to hearing more about it.


  5. Dear Katy Noelle, I came across your beautifully presented weblog through Jeanne [Tales From a Cottage Garden] and was most intrigued with your Afternoon Tea Invitations. They are so prettily done.

    Reading on I now understand their purpose. This is such a warm and friendly idea which I am sure will be more than appreciated by your guests.

    Living between London and Budapest, I can happily say that in Budapest a café society, where the most delicious cakes are to be had, still exists. I shall look forward to hearing your future progress.

  6. Hello Katy. Your blogs haven't been showing up in my notifier for some reason so I am off for a catch up. Lovely invitations. Looking forward to seeing how it all progresses xx

  7. Your hand-made invitations are lovely Katy, especially the ribbons!

    Afternoon Tea for the ladies in your community is such a sweet and neighbourly idea, I look forward to hearing how things progress.

    Loved the definitions on the word cordial - it's funny how words evolve isn't it!

    Jeanne xx

  8. Such pretty invitations ~ always more special when handmade and coming from the heart! Lovely!


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