Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Did It!

Spring has sprung with a wonderful vengeance this week.

It's here early this year (bless it's heart!)

It caused a perfectly gentle breeze to blow throughout the house this week. The whispering sound of it was a surrounding constant.

All the windows were open and the sunbeams were glowing through them, illuminating the house.

Unbelievably happy!

My husband, who is a pastor, was feeling like he'd somehow missed Easter and had fast forwarded to almost May.

It was good that the weather made it almost impossible to feel really anxious. I was, once again, wondering how I'd gotten myself into the middle of this titanic project with a deadline.

Today was the Ladies' Tea.

It came together beautifully (and miraculously). "I don't know how it always does - it's a mystery!"

I must just say, though, "I'm one tired bunny!"

I'm sorry that I didn't have a chance to grab my camera before [about] 25 women had come through and ravaged the table. I was busy pouring 35 cups of lovely golden tea.

The cucumber sandwiches were the favorite this year.

(big surprise)

I'm so relieved and happy and grateful that it was the sparkling peaceful respite that I had hoped it would be. I now hope, that the fruit of our sweet time together resonates on and on.

It was precious and so is every one of my friends who came!!!

Now, I have my feet up. Tom is putting the boys in bed. My week is ending the same way it's been for the most part - quietly.  Amazing!

The most eloquent word that I can think of now is,


I just wanted to share a bit right away. Give me a day or two - I will have many more happy photos to share with you!


Katy xo

( Speaking of hugs and kisses, I love how, at the end of the tea, I get double hugs from every lady who has come. It makes me think that they are really glad they came!)

P.S. Speaking of lovely, precious people ... I had noticed that the squares of "faces" of "followers" is making the most beautiful mosaic, patchwork quilt in my right hand column at the moment.


  1. Dear Katy Noelle, I am so delighted for you. Despite all your anxieties clearly the tea party was a great success. Judging from your pictures, it was beautifully arranged and presented. I am not at all surprised that everyone of your guests enjoyed herself.

  2. Without shirts outside in the sun?? Great! We still have to wait a little, I guess :)
    You made a really beautiful bouquet with those flowers, pretty colours! And yes, you´re right: the follower-mosaic is like an artwork. And unique as well :)
    Best regards, love,

  3. Your ladies tea looks like it was so lovely. I'm glad you had a good time and I bet you are tired. I'm looking forward to days out on our deck very soon as the snow from our snowstorm yesterday melts (grin).

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. Glad everything went just perfect. Those cucumbers sandwhiches look divine and so did your lovely table. Happy Spring! xx

  5. Katy Noelle,

    What a lovely tea- with beautiful flowers and wonderful cucumber sandwiches. Love to read your site weekly.
    Happy spring and and EASTER

  6. I'm so glad your Ladies Tea was a success Katy and that you all had a wonderful time. Your table looked gorgeous.
    What a mild, balmy day to enjoy after all the snow you had, and not so long ago too - it takes ages to really warm up over here!

    I hope you had a restful weekend and the sun continues to shine for you.

    Jeanne x

  7. Katy, its me again. I have just read your comment on Saturday - you are such a sweetie, thank you for thinking of me in my absence!


  8. Just popped onto your lovely blog. Your pictures are gorgeous. Love the arrangements. The cookies look great and the sandwiches in that bowl.... heavenly.
    Have a lovely week. I'm off to read some of your past posts....

  9. Darling the photos are the proof that you did a fantastic job. I so want one of those delicious sarnies right now and if I can get one, I too will give you a big hug.


  10. Everything looked so wonderful! Your cookies looked delicious! I loved the way you displayed your cute little sandwiches. Great job Katy! Terri


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