Friday, June 18, 2010

Serious Procrastination!

Okay! I know what I said about slowing my blogging down, but.......

It is the first day of summer vacation!

Today, we slept in until 10:30.


Then, I made an apple cinnamon coffee cake (from a's supposed to be all about easy, carefree living, right?) and the boys and I had a lovely, leisurely morning.

It wasn't anything spectacularly fancy.

(This is just my everyday tea pot - it's amazing that it's lasted so well for over a decade.)

It was so pleasant and special that we were sitting together for breakfast without any place to rush off to. The boys said everything nice to me that they could think of as a way of thanking me for the treat.

Hmmm, did you know that I am "brilliantly smart"?

That's what the boys said. 

Then, I dropped the bombshell.

(go ahead - click and zoom right in on this puppy!) 

Today, we need to clean up!

The boys were aghast!!!

Clean up on the first day of summer vacation? 

Okay, well maybe not....

They just kept playing. I've been hearing laughter and gentle conspiratorial noises coming from them all day. There's been building and puppies and cheering for marble races...

.... leisurely ~ happy ~ sounds. 

I keep thinking of a quote from Susan Branch's Summer cookbook.

"The easeful days, the dreamless nights;
The homely round of plain delights;
The calm, unambitioned mind,
The simple stuff of summertime."

~After Austin Dobson. 

I am feeling a thrill of joy as I write this post.

It's here! It's finally here!

Happy, happy summertime!

Love, Katy Noelle

This comic is from "Baby Blues".   Tom and I love Baby Blues!

You can follow the link to My Romantic Home for "Show and Tell Friday" if your fancy leads you!


  1. Thanks for sharing your first day of summer vacation. Cinnamon coffee cake sounds delightful!

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I just plain adore summer vacation. Revel in it--plenty of time for cleaning later.

    p.s. That Austin Dobson quote keeps singing in my brain--I think it's a keeper :)

  3. as long as my boys are getting along, my summer will be happy!

    i hope to have a similar morning soon -- maybe tomorrow? i have a cinnamon quick bread (pillsbury) ready to go!


    remember: blogging without obligation, 'kay?

  4. It's nice to sleep late every once in a while, isn't it? We've done our share of that this summer break to.

    I don't think there is ever an end to cleaning!

    Sounds like a wonderful, leisurely morning you had, you brilliantly smart lady (they're right!).

    I loved the quote you shared.


  5. Enjoy you summer. As a former teacher.... summers are priceless and slip by always to quickly!

  6. Dear Katy, All of this sounds totally idyllic and, I truly believe, in your case well deserved. As for making a cake from a cake mix, do not give it a second thought. If, in the very unlikely event, I felt drawn to making a cake, then it would most certainly come from a packet. And my experience, somewhat limited, of young people - especially boys - is they tend at that age to eat anything as they are forever hungry!

    I do so hope that you are all going to enjoy a really peaceful and enjoyable summer - a rest from wall building, furnishing the 'bothy', planting dahlia tubers, etc. etc

  7. Happy Summer to you friend! You know I always believe the dust and mess will still be there tomorrow ~ so no need hurrying to clean it today! :)

    Now... go have fun with your children and those sweet puppies! ;)

    xo Catherine

  8. Katy, LOL! I loved this post. I am going to be saying the same thing after next week because my MIL arrives in July, and it will take me a month to get ready for inspection. Don't say I said that, but you know it's true! ;-)

    Love your teapot. How darling, and that little mug is the bee's knees.


    Sheila :-)

  9. Happy happy happy happy happy summertime!!!!! Enjoy and relax!! Cxx

  10. Great beginning to a great season! Enjoy! XOXO (love all the photos)

  11. Hi Katy Noelle,

    I can feel your joy in the lines you wrote. You captured it wonderfully!! I enjoyed the remark of your boys about you and their reaction to the cleaning up. It's about the same overhere.

    We still have 1 1/2 week to go and then the summer vacation starts here as well. Two of my daughters have already finished. Our youngest still has to stand up early every morning. I am looking forward to the holidays very much. For the same reasons as why you enjoy it, but it won't be long before we go to England too!!! I am already looking things up on the internet and reading books with information about the area we are going to.

    Meanwhile I just enjoy your enthusiastic posts to get me in the right holiday spirit! Enjoy your vacation!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  12. Hi, dear-

    it´s wonderful, that you have holidays now- we have to wait a little bit... but we enjoy our weekends!
    Have fun with your boys :-) Such a lovely compliment :-)

    ps- did you ever get my greetingcard in your mailbox?


  13. It all sounds so idyllic Katy and I can feel your sense of joy and anticipation in every word.

    Happy summer! Enjoy your holiday!!


  14. Happy summertime to you, too. Cute teapot.

  15. What a fun post! And a happy summer to you too!

  16. Happy Summer! 10:30 am!!! I can't even remember when I slept past 8 am last, maybe when I was ill!!! LOL!!


  17. This is wonderful!!! All the photos are gorgeous and the time with your children with that cake and the comic--perfect!
    Happy Summer Vacation!
    Hugs, Lana

  18. Thank you for your kind note. I'm responding right away before my smooshy brain makes me forget or I get distracted by the kids (though that's a blessing, being distracted by their amazing antics) or?!?!?!
    Yes, I think we're kindred spirits.
    More than you can guess at first glance, probably. My husband, Tom also, is considering going to seminary right now. I homeschool (well, part time they go to a small Christian classical school and then i homeschool the rest of the time) and am also a singer.
    but it's my oldest daughter (I'm 39) who is now 16 who has been blessed with the opera skills and is in an opera camp right now (it's local, so she doesn't have to travel--it's with Dr. Ginger Beazley who trained Susanna Phillips and Susanna just came and led a master class with my daughter, Alexandra. We are so thankful!)
    Anyway......I have a million questions for you and will write more after this weekend's over since it's the big opera camp performance this weekend, etc.
    MANY blessings to you and I just became a new follower,

  19. Happy Friday! I am stopping by via the linky party.

    Your summertime plans are utterly charming!

  20. Happy Summer to you too! Sounds like the boys are going to have great summer memories with mom. Enjoy!

  21. Lovely blog. First time here. Can't remember how I got here either. :)

  22. Hi Katy,

    What a lovely post for the first day of vacation. Sounds like you and the boys had a great day! Good for you, sleeping in til 10:30, I love to sleep!!! Wishing you more happy, fun filled, memory making days with your sweet boys! I have 3 grown girls now. The youngest is 19. We still do fun girl stuff too. Enjoy your summer!


  23. Oh honey I understand - pure bliss! (Yes teachers feel that way too!)

    Enjoy your summer and where ever it leads you.


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