Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I missed Flag Day!

Photograph on card by Keith Scott Morton for Country Living Magazine

 I missed Flag Day!

Yes, I did!

I do every year!

I promise myself at the beginning of June that, "this year, I will be ready. This year I will get to it right away," but June 14th comes and goes. Sometimes, I don't even realize it until I'm, almost halfway through July. You know how it goes, though, don't you? It's June! weddings and gardens and graduations and Father's Day and church picnics and the end of school and alumni day. Phew! What a month!


Why does it matter that I miss Flag Day? I mean, we always have a flag hanging, anyway.

June 14th is one of my best friend's, Freya's, birthday. It is quickly followed by one of my other best friend's, Charley's, birthday, on the 18th. Then, it's mine on the 24th and my other two best friend's birthdays are in July. I always miss all of them! (Note: I didn't say forget! I remember that they're there. I just miss them. i.e. bad aim!) Now, you know my sad and shameful truth. To lessen my guilt just a tiny bit, they are all my very best, forever, dearest, been through thick and thin friends from California. California is a long ways away.

Maybe, I should establish a "best friend's day"! You know, like "Mother's Day" or "Father's Day". Then, I could put it in the middle of a month that needs a little action and cheeriness - like March!

Well, Sweet Friends, the wishes will be belated but the love will be just as strong!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, this brings up a point that I need to discuss with you all. It's getting a bit frazzled around here. Alina, asked me how I was doing everything - you know, puppies, 3 little boys, house and home and garden (still nonexistent) and church, etc. (BTW, our "worship/music team" from my church will be leading the music at a big retreat this Saturday.) Oh, and blogging, too.

This question really made me laugh. Did I give the impression that I was doing it all???


I am sorry to say that my house is a bit of a catastrophe. I've been loving (and chasing and feeding and cleaning up after) those puppies and letting other things go. Also, the puppies have caused me to be a bit sleep deprived - very sleep deprived. Until, about, yesterday, I've been a walking zombie.

All of this to say that, my blogging may be a little bit sparse through the next few weeks. I don't know quite how it will work out. Sometimes I may have more time than others. If I am exhausted, then, blogging is a pleasant way to occupy my time while I rest. I just want you to know what is happening with me since, up until now, I've been blogging up a storm.

Er, speaking of graduations.

 That's my oldest boy, Lliam. He graduated from elementary school, last night. Next fall, he will start up at the big school. (For those of you across the Atlantic, we have Kindergarten and 1st - 6th grade for elementary school. 7th and 8th grade for middle school and 9th - 12th grade is the high school. Graduating from the sixth grade means that he is perched on the cusp of all that comes with transforming into an adult.)

I, somehow, just can't believe it.

Well, first, we have carefree summertime!


Katy Noelle.

You know, it's not too late to send an overnight card to Charley....

Maybe, I could send Freya her card for next year, now!

Hmmm, maybe, I'll just call them in the meantime....

I am so glad that my friends know all about me and still love me - no matter what! 

 Photograph on card by Keith Scott Morton for Country Living Magazine

You know, you really should click twice on the moon and really zoom in. I cannot believe I got this photograph. (Although, I know it won't be winning any contests.=])

It was a perfectly shiny ending to a stellar evening.

oh, haha! I have to tell you what my son just said. I said, "okay, boys! What I want for my birthday is a clean house." Toby said, "don't worry, mom, we'll find one."


  1. Katy, take the time you need to get the things done you need to get done. I get sporadic sometimes with blogging, and I have always been able to pick back up. We won't forget you. How could we???

    Your son is a doll!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Dear Katy, I really cannot believe this. In my mind I had you down as efficient, disciplined, practical, meticulous, punctual, organised...

    I saw you as ironing, feeding the puppies and masterminding the church fete simultaneously....

    I imagined you helping out with homework, assisting with the Sunday sermon and reading Jane Austen all at once....

    In a spare moment I visualised you planting dahlia tubers, preparing a delicious dinner and darning socks....

    On Flag Day I was convinced you would be attending a parade of war veterans, singing the Stars and Stripes and blowing up balloons...

    My dreams are now shattered with this posting. You are human after all!!

  3. Oh, Edith, let me first wipe the tear from my eye that is there from laughter. I will now compose myself. Big breath....

    I DO and HAVE done all these things (church "fete" and all - you don't even need to doubt it) - just not simultaneously. (Oh, except for the darning socks. Although, I can,- darn socks, that is - socks just aren't what they used to be - darn them.) I hope that this renews your faith in me a tiny bit. I'm just afraid that, as the saying goes, "can't chew gum and walk at the same time".

    I am, also, a paradox. I am truly my parent's parent's child. In matters of an orderly life and home, I take after, both, my laissez-faire Nana and my Danish grandma. (The Danish part is self explanatory, I think.)

    How sad that I burst your bubble!

    (*manic* chuckle! ahem.)

    Love, Katy

  4. Congratulations on having an Officially-Young Adult at your house now, Katy! It's a bit challenging, but lots of fun too. Enjoy :)

    So glad to know you darn socks--I'll be sending you several pair as soon as I get your address!

  5. Hi, Dear-

    your such a lovely and funny woman :-)

    Yes- it´s not easy, to do all things, people expect ... but we always can do, what we are able to do...

    I like a clean house- a perfect garden- but we are all human being and not able to do all things perfect. Every day is a mountain and we climb it up, as long as we are able to walk... sometimes we reach the top- sometimes not... but I think- not people expect too much of us- we ourself expect too much of us- am I right? I think, you have a good way to do all what you do!

    You have a funny family and your son is so lovely- we will find one- really great :-))

    I hope, you got my greeting car- I didn´´t know, if you can open it- look in your mailbox...

    and don´t forget a little pause every day :-) it´s for you- getting energy!

    Love and hugs, my wonderful Katy- Ines

  6. Katy I so know what you mean. Leave the blogging until you feel like it though we'll miss you if you are gone too long. xx

  7. Well you know my motto Katy ~ dust that is 2 inches thick compared to 1/4 of an inch takes the same amount of effort ~ so let it build to make it worth your while! :)

    Your oldest son off to middle school ~ sigh ~ they grow so quickly. I can't believe my one and only graduated 2 years ago. It seems like only yesterday I was worried about him starting high school. Hang on tight ~ it goes fast!

    Have a Happy Day Katy! (Ignore the house work ~ enjoy your family!)
    xo Catherine

  8. Dear dear Katy, Thank you so much for your email, the result of which, here I am again. Well, where can perfection be found these days?!!

    For me, the answer is, of course, 'In the Sunny Spot'. I do so enjoy your postings, your liveliness, your warmth and your friendship. Not of course to fail to mention your wonderful sense of humour [manic laugh] and your zest for life. You do, dear Katy, enrich my life as I am sure you do the lives of your family and all your friends. For this we are in your debt.

  9. Surely you under estimate yourself :0) Taking care of three boys, a husband,the rabbits, and all those puppies? Of course you've done it all! So what if there are a "few" dust bunnies under the furniture? As long as there's merriment and laughter (and from here I can tell there's plenty of that at your home) Perfect homes are not fun, doing things spontaneously and "just because" is the best way, I think. Enjoy your children, because like Cath said, it goes by fast! Love all the photos. The shot of the moon is quite good! So, go and do what you must but please don't stay away for too long. I'll miss you! XO (the idea of "best friend day" is great...hope to make it to your list :0)

  10. my 7 year old asked me to wish him a "happy last day of school eve" today, so believe me, my blogging will be catch-as-catch-can, too.

    happy belated flag day! :) june does seem to zoom by in a blink.


  11. Sweet Katy, great, lovely, funny post again. Your picture of the moon is stunning, could be right out of a magazine. You enjoy Summertime, my friend, with all your beloved ones. Sending a huge hug across the blue blue Ocean. xx and some more xx

  12. Congratulations on your son's graduation! I remember so clearly my son's graduation from 6th grade. He was so proud (and so were we!). For some reason that event has just stayed in my mind all these years - now he's nearly 23 years old! ::Jill

  13. Congratulations to your son! My son is also Liam (although only one L). He is 23 now, but I remember his graduation from eighth grade as if it were yesterday... He just graduated from college last month. Where does the time go?

    So take it easy this summer and enjoy your kids and your home. We will always be here to say hello. :)


  14. hi
    i loved this post today.
    enjoyed my visit.

  15. Hello Marie-Noelle,
    You must be proud of your son. Congrats !
    You will be certainly very busy with your kids during summer but you will have great moments I think.
    Here in France, the school will finish on July 2nd to re-start on september 2nd.
    Do you have long vacations in the States ?
    I thank you very much for your ever kind comments.
    I wish you a very nice summer !

  16. Dear Katy Noelle!!!!

    What lovely photos and memories - your Lliam is looking SO happy - you must be VERY proud parents!!!!

    I am wishing you a wonderful summer with your kids (and I am sure we will be seeing what you are up to!!). VERY good idea to step back a little - enjoy the summer! Kids grow up SO quickly, but we can still all blog when we are really old :)!!!!

    Funny how we all have something we always forget -WHY is that? I always, ALWAYS forget my pine nuts in the oven and ALWAYS burn the first matter what. I can put on the alarm, or try and watch them and am REALLY thinking about trying NOT to burn them - I still will.....

    As for birthdays, I think as we get older they become less important - as long as you don't miss the kid's you are ok...! I sometimes PREFER when people miss mine, not too keen on any fuss.... I do hope though that you will have a lovely day on your!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I shall leave you - have a great summer and really, really enjoy it!

    All the very best and 'see' you sometime...:)!!!


    Nicola x

  17. Lovely photo of your Lliam! I understand perfectly that you will be busy this summer and not able to blog as much or leave comments.Enjoy your summer and see you when you can!

    Take care,


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