Saturday, June 5, 2010

My husband jokes that one of my hobbies is to paint front doors.

He has a point.

When we lived at the parsonage, the front door was 4 different colors. I think, however, that, since it is the "gateway" to our homes, our front doors should make a statement - exude some kind of feeling. Hopefully, the sense one has as they enter our abode is of welcome and anticipation. I mean, you all know what I'm talking about. A beautiful front door can make our hearts ooh and ahh! A beautiful front door is really a pleasure. It is like the crowning jewel on the exterior of our homes.

Last year, I painted the door "Nantucket Fog" (Benjamin Moore) to do something - anything -  with the outside of the house while we were trying to pick the official house colors and do something with the landscape.

     Admittedly, a much simpler way of changing the front door is by hanging something on it. Oh, I bet that most of you are nodding your heads (at least in spirit) in agreement. Changing what is on our front door can be, also, a sort of celebration of the changing of the seasons. I am stating the obvious, though.

     Above, is the wreath that I've had on my front door for almost 9 months. I have had the slight trouble that, most of my wreaths don't fit between the storm door and the door proper. It's been frustrating. 3 months ago, I saw a very pretty wreath made out of solid white fabric roses at that french store, Target. (For those of you across the Atlantic, it's not really french. It's an American, middle priced department store that is very popular at the moment. Tres Chic!) The price for the wreath, however, was one that made me scowl and think, "I can easily make that for, at least, half that price." I put it on my list of things to do and, finally, got to it, yesterday. Happily for me, my discount department store had this one already made for a quarter of the price. Perfecto!

It just needed a little "something"....

    The change of wreath has come in time for the Memorial Day weekend which was May 30th. Although, some of the celebrations for Memorial Day are quite serious, that weekend, also, marks the unofficial start of summer. There is another reason that the 30th of may is celebratory (besides being the day that I arrived in Vermont from California,  17 years ago). Two years ago, on May 30th we closed on (bought) our home. What a day! It was like a beautiful dream that I will never ever forget!

Well, we celebrated these wonderful milestones by toasting marshmallows and lighting sparklers.

We fired up our pagan altar on which we offer burnt marshmallow offerings to the god of summer fun.

This called for a mosaic!
(This is the first one that I have ever created!)

The door is open!

Summer - come on in!

Love to you all,

Katy Noelle

P.S. Just in case your worried about our "pagan altar", my husband is very interested in archaeology and has, indeed, worked on some "digs" in the Middle East. We just kind of think this way, sometimes.

My camera really, truly is gasping it's last breaths. I was amazed at this last photo. I have to cajole every picture out of it and, then, I'm not really sure what I've got.

I am linking to "Mosaic Monday" at The Little Red House. This is a lovely blog! Mary has, also, provided a tutorial, on her sidebar, about how to make a mosaic. Thank you, Mary!!!


  1. Love your front door color and great updates on the wreath! Congratulations on your house anniversary! Your mosaic is beautiful!

  2. so pretty! gosh, i so need to paint my front door. i'm very undecided because i think i want to change or paint the shutters, too. i digress ... your door and post are lovely.

    happy weekend!


  3. I just 'stumbled' across your blog. Lovely and refreshing!!! Looking forward to have a part in your gorgeous pics and life stories. This side of the world is Autumn celebration time.

    Happy summer week end.


  4. Wow, your additions made that wreath perfect! Who is the author of Master and Commander, the series you mentioned recently? I've never heard of it, and some of my kids are ready for a new series (after being through the Redwall books many times!) Love your blog; I've been visiting it for several months, but this is my first comment.

  5. Katy, Your wreath turned out so pretty! I love the addition of hydrangea...just gave it that perfectly finished look!

    What a fun time you and the family must have offering those burnt marshmallows! I like them charred black on the oustide!

    Have a blessed day,


  6. Hi Katy Noelle,

    Your photos look fine to me, but I can imagine it must be horrible to use a camera that does not function properly.

    The colour of your front door is very inviting. I like the way you added the little blue flowers to the wreath. They match the colour of the door perfectly!

    I am happy you had such a lovely day in the sun! We had high temperatures in Holland as well! We spent a whole day in the garden yesterday and today we went to Delft. At first we wanted to go to the beach, but thunderstorms were predicted.... We will go another time!

    Wish you a Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. My Love-

    that´s such a lovely front door!

    We only rent our house- but we had an own house many years ago- but we have to sell it, cause my husband worked too far away from us. So it´s different for me. If you own something- you can change things, how you like it.

    And I think- you created really a home of love for your family!
    The wife is the ghost of the house :-)

    I love that inviting blue color. In Feng Shui you have to do blue things in the entrance- like water- so the good things can flow in...

    The mosaic is beautiful- the impressions of the fire in the garden- great...

    I feel your joy and your love for this house...

    Enjoy your life in this wonderful house- and enjoy your day-

    many hugs from Ines!

  8. Hello Katy,
    I agree with Ines. In reading your post I feel your joy and your love for your house and familly.
    I wish you "Bon courage" for your first gardening work. I am sure you will appreciate to be outdoors and happy to build your dream garden :o)
    It is not necessary to have a large garden to enjoy it.

  9. What a happy summer mosaic! You've captured the best of the coming season and the fun to be had.
    Love that blue door!

  10. Your mosaic is beautiful! It definitely says summer.

    The first thing I did in our new house was to paint the front door (red) and add a wreath. It's actually the only nice thing about the front of the house at this moment - the yard is torn up as we are fixing the sprinklers and preparing the ground for new grass. One day (soon I hope) the front yard will compliment the pretty front door!

  11. Oh, I love the color of your front door, and your new wreath! And your first mosaic turned out wonderfully! It truly conveys the sense of joy and celebration that you describe in your post. :)

  12. Gorgeous Katy . . . yes lets all open the door on summer . . . . yipeeeeee!

  13. I love the colour fo your front door too. It is amazing what paint can do to lift a mood. Your mosaic is adorable. What a gorgeous little pup!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Holly (3 Sisters, 365)

  14. Your front door looks wonderful and your first mosaic is terrific! The puppy is precious too!

  15. This post is so beautiful and welcoming. Even if your camera is dying, you took some beautiful photos!

  16. Your first mosaci is wonderful. The wreath on the front door is beautiful. Have a wonderful week and take care:)

  17. Oh my, Katy, how I would love to enter through your gorgeous open door, think I will accompanie Summer ;o)
    The color of your door is so so beautiful. Both your wreaths are adorable, 9 months, can imagine that, why change if not really neccessary? Your home is a cozy home as far as I can see through your open door. Lovely post, sweet friend.
    Hope your week is off to a great start! xx

  18. Hi Katy,
    Thank you for your visit and your very sweet comments. I'm glad my pictures have prompted you do unpack yours. I would love to see a picture of them. I'm so glad to I came back again cuz I missed the precious picture of your bunny my first visit. I used to have two bunnies. The are so cute!


  19. Beautiful wreath and I would love to have a fireplace in my yard for roasting marshmellows.
    Wonderful mosaic, the puppy is adorable.

  20. Hi, just lovely photos and a great mosaic! Love your wreath and front door to! Such a sweet furry one. I have 3 furry ones myself. If you'd like to see their pictures I have them on my sidebar at my blog. Thanks for sharing this! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  21. Dear Katy Noelle!!!

    I have to agree on EVERYTHING you are saying about front doors and front door decorations!! SO true! And SO important! Makes all the difference!!! (And also love the name of the colour you chose...I have to be careful, often the name of a colour does influence me a lot and that has not always been a goodthing...).

    Just came across another beautiful door wreath on a blog this morning and thought to myself 'got to do something about it' - my door is looking a bit bare at the moment.... So seeing yours now too, I WILL definitely do something about it!!! Isn't it wonderful how easily one gets inspired by other blogs?!!!

    Due to the the lovely summer weather, I have - again -missed a lot....So, just checked out your last post (as a an absolute Christmas nut, I was PLEASED to see your beautiful tree! :)!!) and have just discovered your beautiful puppies!!! HOW cute are they!!!! Letting them go will be terribly difficult, I'd imagine - even if that might mean a new camera for you:)!!! Enjoy them as long as you still have them (will you keep at least one????)

    Have a wonderful day!!!



  22. Oh Katy - HOW exciting!!!! I am SO pleased for you! You will LOVE it! Already looking forward to the pictures you will take! I have just spent a good 30 minutes with my user's manual and it is so COMPLICATED. They had said that to us...apparently the Canon is MUCH more user friendly...well, I will get there in the end..... YOu made me giggle writing about the Rebel....I SO know what you mean! We are building, well starting soon, and for the new kitchen I had hoped for an AGA, a big range cooker, THE country kitchen cooker in the UK...and has been a dream for more than 20 years... Unfortunatley, Mike has found something called an "Everhot" - need I say more? I am sure it is a perfect cooker too - and I have been on a demonstration, and yes it ticks all the boxes and is more econimical - but phrases like "your dinner is in the Aga' or 'let's sit by the Aga" will not work..... Anyway, with regard to the cooker, I have now given in, because he is right.....

    Anyway, waffling on again - just wanted to say congratulations on what will very soon be your new best friend :)!!!!! I am sure of it!!!!!

    Love Nicola

  23. Me again :) - forgot to say - I did see your pots! Very pretty, love them natural too - did you age them? (I was told that when one paints milk or yoghurt on terracotta, you 'get the look' - have not tired it). The one in the front is particularly lovely!



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