Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chubb Jr.

Fat Douglas Fir.......

Fat Dougy Fur......

Chubbs Jr. is a big dog. He seriously takes after his father when he was a pup.

 He's a big baby, Chubbs is!

An absolute sweetheart!

He's just one of the gang. There he is!
 (The one bulldozing his way through.) 

A gentle giant!
(The one who's always easily taken down.) 

He just watches the world a lot.....

.....and, barrels along.

Oh, and he likes to sleep in his food dish!!!

We love you Chubbs, oh, yes, we do!


  1. Wow...I was a little nervous by the Christmas tree photo at first...I thought "What the hey? Did I fall asleep and miss a few months?" Haha!

    How cute is that pup? I bet he is a good snuggler! And so cute sleeping in the food dish ~ love it!

    Have a lovely evening Katy!
    xo Catherine

  2. LOL, just like Catherine, the Christmas tree startled me! I don't know how you do it, Katy, boys and puppies...I give you a lot of credit, but they sure are cute :0) xoxo (are you keeping all the puppies?)

  3. I like the tree! ;-) But little Chubbs...a name almost as cute as the pup! I loved seeing Chubbs napping in the food bowl. How cute is that? Very!

  4. Adorable!! I can't wait to share this with the kids tomorrow! Although it will start the "can we get a puppy" conversation!!
    So Sweet!

  5. Hi, my Love-

    I think, you have a lots of treasures... and one special treasure...

    So wonderful photos! Chubbs is really a special one- and I love the photo in his bowl...

    Enjoy that special time with your babies!

    I think of you- hugs and kisses- Ines

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  7. Dear Katy Noelle,

    Your Christmas tree set me on the wrong foot, but I am on the right one again ;-)! Your puppies have grown so much. It must be a joy to have them around. Will they stay with you for long or have you found a new home for them? The photo of the pups in the food dish is so sweet to look at.

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. Dear Katy, I have returned! This is simply to thank you so much for your many kind messages of support to me during the past six weeks or so. They meant a great deal to me and I do appreciate your concern. Sadly, my dear friend died in mid May but, at the end, it was indeed a mercy. Since that time I have been involved with the aftermath.

    The puppies have grown so much and are truly adorable. Back to normal postings and comments very soon.

    My love,

  9. Oooooh, I love puppies (and puppy breath!). Chubb Jr. is a doll baby!

  10. Is there anything in this world cuter that a puppy, and Chubbs is ADORABLE! Oh, what a butter ball of love that one is. The others, too...



  11. Hello Katy,
    I missed this wonderful post and am so happy you re-listed it. Your images are so gentle and it is as if the lens is in love with Chubbs as no doubt the eye behind the camera is.
    Sending warmest love and hugs in this moment of sorrow. Helen xx


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