Wednesday, June 9, 2010


(This is one of those posts, where it is rather fun to click and zoom in on some of the photos - just to let you know - there's a lot to be seen!)

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Our home is nestled at the bottom of a meadow covered hill, in a high valley in the top of the southern green mountains of Vermont.

If you walk out back, past the barn, there is an old farm road that follows at the foot of the hill.

This photo is looking back towards the barn.

Most of  the meadow is hay - mixed with a plethora of wildflowers. Some of the grasses in the hay are timothy, brome, fescue and a touch of alfalfa, trefoil and vetch. It's all spread with buttercups.

If you continue for a little ways, you come to our hidden back meadow.

We don't hay here. It's just full of flowers. I think that Tom has a dream of sheep for this spot.

To the left, around the outside of the trees surrounding the meadow, there is an old town road that disappeared somewhere in the twenties. This is the road that I took, today, and, on my left, was the hay meadow. It is full of Bobolinks nesting. I promise that I will attempt to get a photo of them for you before they are finished. They have the most amazing song and swoop and soar around me.

To my right, is an old stone wall. There are no shortage of these in Vermont, let me tell you!

This is a view, through the hedgerow, of the  secret meadow.

At my feet, as I start up the path are wild strawberries. The hill is covered with them but they are very small. You must look or you will miss them.

If you proceed along the path, there is a conjunction of roads and meadows. I, once again, took the path to the left. This takes me around the "loop".....

.....and, to the top of the hill.

This is at the top, looking back down the path I'd just huffed and puffed up. The hills in the distance are cleared, old farmland. I pretend that I live in England when I see it, although, it is difficult to see from here.

Here, I've  turned about two hours to my right ("as the clock flies").

I know full well that there is no way to capture what it is like to be on top of that windy hill; so, I am not disappointed. The sky is a bowl over my head. I can see from mountain top to mountain top. "Panorama" is too small of a word to describe it.

The meadow is chest high at the moment. The wind blowing waves through the grass is breathtaking.

(The photo below is taken from the one above. It looks like a watercolor to me.)

Coming around and back down the hill, you can see our older farmhouse, to the left and Tom's Mom's newly built Colonial. (I'm about halfway down the hill.) Just beyond her house, at the bottom of the hill is the big pond. The incline would still be too steep to see it from here if you could see through her house.

"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee
And revery.
The revery alone will do
If bees are few."

~Emily Dickinson


  1. Dear Katy, What truly heaven sent countryside. And to have this on your doorstep is unbelievable. I have so enjoyed walking with you through the meadows and up the hill and, greedy as I am, have tasted so many of the wild strawberries. Katy, this is a lovely and refreshing posting and it is so thoughtful of you to take the time and trouble to share it with us all.

    On a personal note, thank you so much for all of your good wishes, kind thoughts and prayers during my recent absence. They, and your friendship, have meant so much to me, far more than words can express.

  2. My Love-

    did you feel it? I hang my arm in yours and we walked together with big sunhats through this wonderful way together :-))

    So romantic- silent, lovely... beautiful photos- taken with eyes full of love- wonderful!

    It´s bad- but my children have a bad allergy against grass- and I can´t eat strawberries since this year- I had a bad reaction a few weeks ago and these are the sad thoughts, when I saw the pictures...

    But you live so beautiful and I love it, that you dreamed, you are in England- so lovely...

    A big hug, my wonderful romantic friend!

    Thank you for this refreshing walk :-)


  3. Katy, your meadow does indeed remind me of England. How blessed you are to be surrounded by such tranquil beauty.

  4. Such very beautiful images Katy. Thank you so much for sharing them with us xx

  5. What a lovely lovely walk you took us on! All these photos are wonderful Katy. The wild flowers in the field would be such a treat to walk through. I think I can picture Tom's sheep grazing there! :) With such beautiful scenery I think I would be out for a walk every day. I live on the edge of a very small city. One block over is field with cows...and cow patties...not very photo worthy... :( Ha!

    Hope you are having a most wonderful week Katy!
    xo Catherine

  6. Paradise! I feel I just went on a lovely walk with you in that beautiful meadow. Thank you for taking us along with you today. I enjoyed it immensely!



  7. I love all the pictures of your lovely meadow!! i love taking pictures of flowers, and I have enjoyed yours very much!!!!!!!!!!Glad romance is still alive!! Antique Rose

  8. Dear Katy Noelle,

    Thank you for taking us on your walk through the meadows and green mountaings. All those wildflowers!! You never have to buy bouquets from the store or pick them from your garden. There is always more than enough....and all those colours and different much to see, so much to smell!!

    What a beautiful place for dreaming and making your mind clear....

    I am glad Tom will give you a new camera for your birthday. You will enjoy it very much! All those close ups you can make!! A bike is a good investment too. We try to cycle as often as we can, but sometimes it is just easier to take the car! What I am wondering about....when exactly is your birtday?

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

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  10. You live in paradise! Thanks for the stroll through your meadow. I did click and enlarge your photos for maximum viewing pleasure. Just gorgeous!

  11. I did so enjoy this walk with you Katy. You live amidst such beautiful and serene countryside - the meadow is delightful and that skyscape with the clouds! It reminds me in some ways of Ickworth - a nearby National Trust property that we visit often for walks followed by a cream tea!!

    Just to say that your pups are looking incredible - they are growing so fast.

    I hope to be back blogging on a more regular basis soon - I do miss everyone!


  12. Katy...what a beautiful walk you took us on. Thank you for sharing your inspiring surroundings with us. You are blessed!


  13. Woh; it's breathtaking such a vieuws!!!
    You're lucky to live there with your family!!
    Those meadows are amazing!
    By the way; today I read for the first time about tasha tudor; have you heard of her??
    Didn't she live in vermont too?
    She had an oldfashionated lifestyle and a very beautiful cottagegarden..
    greetings from Fleur from Holland

  14. Oh Katy Noelle, this is a dream for my husband and I both -- to have a small farmhouse on lots of acres in Vermont, and to walk in the wide open spaces and feast on the views...

    Thank you so much for taking us along on your walk! :)

  15. sigh ...

    sometimes i must admit to scrolling quickly through posts, trying to visit as many friends as possible in the blogging time i can find but katy, this post made me just stop in my tracks, slow-down, smell the wildflowers, and enjoy. what a beautiful place your sunny spot is! love the little strawberries!

    thank you for the lovely post.


  16. Katy,

    I felt like I was in a fairytale, walking along with you and taking in all the splendor and beauty that abounds there.

    Your writing is beautiful!

    Emily Dickinson is one of my favorites, I love the poem you selected.

    Simply beautiful!


  17. Dear Katy - VERY quick one - I shall be back later...only to say, please visit my blog, there is something there for you ♥

    Have a wonderful day - enjoyed my glimpse of summer grass...looking forward to coming back later and looking properly!



  18. The meadow flowers are just lovely! As are you photos. I am a flower lover, and grow many different beauties in my garden, but I do believe that the wild flowers in a meadow are the loveliest of all!

    Thank you for telling me about your lilac arrangement in the wonderful large vase! It looks amazing! I am all envious of it, and am from now on on a look our for a similar one. I did write a little comment in the actual post, by the way. Thank you again for generously sharing this idea with me.

  19. Katy, now I want to visit you. I adore wildflowers, actually I adore nature in your gorgeous little corner of the world. You took some perfect pretty pictures, sweet friend.
    Hugs and more hugs for a lovely, sunny, flowery day! xx

  20. Katy Noelle, What a fabulous meadow/your corner of the world is just gorgeous. You've captured it beautifully in your photos. I really enjoyed reading this and looking at the photos.

  21. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. You live in country blessed by beauty. Sigh--I'm still floating from all the loveliness!

  22. Hi I've just found your blog. What gorgeous countryside you live in. The flowers meadows are beautiful.

  23. Love love Looooved your comment today, sweet Julie. Can actually picture it!! xxxxx

  24. Dear Katy!!!!

    What a beautiful spot you are living in!!!! I REALLY enjoyed my walk with you - stunning countryside and I love the bit when you almost home and see your house again....SO beautiful!!!! It must make you happy every time you see it!!!!!!!

    Thank you also for your kind, kind words!!! I feel the same and isn't it funny how that is possible by 'just writing'!!! (Oh, have to come clean and hope it will not disappoint, but my house was already named September Cottage when I bought it...but I did find it in September and as September is one of my favourite months too, it had to say!!! And it is funny, I get a lot of friendly comments about it whenever I have to give my address somewhere ::)!

    Oh and I KNOW what you mean about trying to tune down on blogging.... It is amazing how quickly time passes when one is in front of the computer.... I am telling myself to have time slots, not more than an hour a day ...well, not working too well and instead I am planning a kitchen blog I crazy? But it is SO much fun!!!!

    I can only begin to imagine how much time your puppies take from you - but it must be so rewarding too!!!! We are looking for a puppy and whenever I see one, I WANT it even if that means it is not at all what we are looking for...Mike has been very strict with me :)!!! And he is right! Will find the perfect one in the end.....

    Better go, doing it again.....

    HAve a WONDERFUL weekend!!!



    p.s. HAVE to ask: Do yo like to be called Katy or Katy Noelle (I LOVE Noelle!)? I am not a great one for nicknames and really dislike it when people shorten my name to something pretty (they think) or call me something they think they should call me.....been meaning to ask you for ages now!!!!

  25. Dear Katy Noelle :)!!!! (from now on I shall use this one!!!)

    Just a, another, quick one...and to put you into the picture...that translator is really not very good, but I too had a lot of fun with my comments today....I was not that happy with my post as it is really not my thing, so am extra surprised how many funny comments I had!!! Ann was saying, she is also not into it, IF she HAD to take sides, she'd be for Sweden (she likes everything Scandinavian!) but we are not sure if Sweden is in it AT ALL!!...

    The big opening game however is, apparently, England / USA - tomorrow....not that I would have know that....So just to keep in the spirit: Good luck!!!! We are going on a Safari Supper, so shall miss it.....and I am NOT sad at all :)!!!!!

    With love


    p.s. When I start my kitchen blog, I will do that in English - I am typing on an English keyboard and that makes it sooooooo much slower when I write in German......

  26. Correction....not an OPENING game the USA/England game , opening game is palyed right now - what do I know....:)!!!!


  27. Hello Katy, quite simply beautiful. Thank you for taking us along with you, and sharing your stunning surroundings. You may have a little patch of England, as your photos made me feel so at home.
    Bertie x


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