Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have come to the conclusion that holidays are just too fun (and, really, too much) to try and fit into one day. We go for the week long celebration approach, around here. This brings a lovely sense of sanity. Have any of you heard the motto, "slow down, sip and savor life"? (Now, what's that from? I can't remember.... hm!)

Anyway, Valentine's Day! It's still quietly happening in little bits and pieces, around here.

On Monday, I had a few people over for tea. It wasn't anything tremendously fancy - just a chance to use the china and spend a sparkling hour or two visiting.
I made a red velvet chocolate bundt cake. The pan (and, hence, the kitchen and I) was dusted with cocoa powder; so, the outside of the cake was chocolatey but, when I cut into it, the middle was Valentine's heart red. I, also, finally purchased a tin of Fortnum and Mason's Queen Anne Tea! (I haven't had it for over ten years because, for a while, F&Ms wouldn't export to the States and, when they finally started to again, the price was very hefty. It's in short demand but my sister let me have a tin at a discount. Thank you, Suzy!!! =])

It was absolutely, deliciously wonderful!

I just wanted to share...

Happily, also, this week, more of my favorite perfume is winging it's way, here.

(I'd almost run out!)

Here's one last thing to share. You do know how I've been into quotes lately.... Well, I saw this one on K.a.m.a.n.a.'s blog and it just seems to fit the occasion.

Life is short!

Break the rules

[ know, the silly ones!...],

forgive quickly,

kiss slowly,

love truly,

laugh uncontrollably,

and never regret anything that once made you smile.

~ Ethan Mascarenhas


  1. Dearest Katy, What a triumph your cake is.I am sure that all your guests were terribly impressed that you had gone to such trouble and clearly have such professional cake making skills. Never mind the tea, that cake would not have been out of place in Fortnum and Mason's tearoom!

    What a splendid idea to keep the holiday going rather than all be over in a day. Indeed, at this rate, there need never be a day that is not a holiday ever again. Easter which is my absolutely favourite holiday time of all could easily last a month, I have decided!

  2. Just like a "very merry unbirthday....!" =D

  3. Dear dear Katy Noelle, your cake looks a ma zing ly. Just like your table scape! I am off to write your last words down, they are so strong and true.
    How have you been? Will read your previous posts right away.

    I hope Spring will soon arrive at our doorsteps.
    Enjoy a happy Thursday! xxxx

  4. Afternoon tea - a favorite of mine! Your lovely photographs remind me of another favorite of mine, Victoria magazine.

  5. What a lovely and delicious cake darling.......happy weekend....hope spring will come

  6. beautiful beautiful post 'n pics! how fun to make such a lovely tea party and your cake is fabulous!!!

    happy still-valentine's day! :)


  7. Lucky friends! I hope you all "savor" your camaraderie for a long lovely time!


  8. Oh you do set a fine table my friend! A cup of tea and a lovely slice of cake for me please!

    Happy Weekend Katy!
    xo Catherine

  9. Dearest Katy Noelle,

    That looked like a royal tea! Very well done; you fully understand about romance. And well, yes, baking means getting messy. But that is also part of the fun! Love your china, reminds me of our dear sister-in-law who cherished her identical china so much. Memories...
    And you are so right about stretching this Valentine's Day celebration. We try very hard to stretch it over 365 days...

    Lots of love,


  10. What a gorgeusly delicious looking cake! You always set the nicest tables, full of romance and yesteryear charm. Hope the magic of Valentine's continues to fill your life for many more days! Hugs XO

  11. gorgeous !
    lovely !
    that cake is beautiful
    happy weekend :)

  12. What a delightfully lovely post. Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy your beautiful cake and table.

  13. Dear Katy Noelle,

    I almost missed your post. Pff, lucky me I saw it today. It is really beautiful! Full of delicious looking chocolate pie and pretty roses and porcelain! It's good to hear you are all enjoying your holiday. Our holiday starts next week! We will be going to Antwerp for a day and just take it easy the other days. I am hoping for a few rays of sunshine and higher temperatures. Can't wait to get my hands into the soil once more :-)! I hope the temperature is still mild in Vermont.

    You were right about the cup in my post. It is by Laura Ashley. The cup is part of the wedding service we received from friends and family. I still find it very beautiful!

    Well I am off to bed now. I have to rise at six again tomorrow morning!

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

    Lieve groet, Madelief xox

    Don't know the scent! I will check it out next time I am in store :-)

  14. Your photos are a visual feast and belong in a magazine! So evocative. Lovely cake, too.

  15. Katy, I think you are really doing great with your photographs!
    I especially like the food and table pictures.
    Like the cakes here. :-) They are worthy for publishing in magazines.
    Maybe they are published? I've been cooking and baking like a maniac for a 3 to 4 years. But since I am started doing photography it never comes to that anymore.
    I even have trouble taking time for daily meals. :-)
    Nice blogs! it's really a touch of sun to come here!
    Thank you beautiful lady!
    Oh! And congratulations for winning a c.ic. competition!
    Maybe we see eachothers work there again too.
    :-)Greetings from rainy Belgium!

  16. Hello Katy Noelle,
    It seems a lot time since I visited your blog.* You are an accomplished womand indeed. This cake looks delicious and the tableset as well.

    Our first grand-son was born on January, 3rd this is why I did not get time :o)


  17. Katy, these pics are gorgeous. I love the close up of that beautiful cake and flowers around it. Thanks for sharing such beauty! Terri

  18. Oh my goodness, how did I miss your beautiful cake and gorgeous tea table?! So very lovely, Katy, and may I say "Victoria magazine worthy?"

  19. So very very beautiful. I would love to take photos indoors like this. Perhaps someday.

  20. Your suggested recipes are very useful to getting idea about it. Chocolates cake is looks very best and superb with chocolates favour. Very amazing photographs.

  21. Delicious cake with drinks. I like your design of cake, you done it without any single mistakes of lines and curves, too much yummy cake.

  22. Blue, Green and white is very best combination. I really impressed to watch your this awesome arrangement. Superb work.


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